Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Love

woah, celebrity news overload today.  tomkat divorcing.  adele preggo.  khloe and lamar somehow made it back to l.a.  congrats to adele.  and in honor of katie holmes aka joey potter (dawson's creek for life!) breaking free from her marriage/contract/scientology (whatever the case may be), here's some proof that she can bounce back better than ever in the form of friday love.
rebecca romijn.  previously married to john stamos.  now we all love uncle jesse, but he's not really marriage material (allegedly he had a cocaine-fueled night with strippers while still married).  now jerry o'connell, he's a babe.  
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sandra bullock.  um anything is an upgrade from jesse james.
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sophia bush.  i'm not sure if sophia is dating anyone right now, but her divorce from chad michael murray was sketchy city.  there were rumors he cheated on her with his "house of wax" costar paris hilton.  on top of that sophia originally claimed fraud so there were other rumors that she found out after they were married that chad was gay.  whatever the reason, sophia is a fox (and apparently extremely nice to fans in person per my old roomate who met her at an airport), and she doesn't need need this much stress is her life.  glad she took advice from mary j. and appears to have no more drama.
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eva longoria.  having your basketball player husband cheat on you with another player's wife; terrible.  bouncing back with penelope cruz's ridiculously good looking brother eduardo; priceless.

see joey p, things are going to get better.  so show some love to the ladies who bounced back after their divorces on this friday.

honorable mention:
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ali landry.  aka miss usa aka the doritos girl.  she married mario lopez and then less than a month later had the marriage annulled.  word on the street was a.c. slater cheated on her at his bachelor party.  oh albert clifford, not your best move.  she's since married someone else and had a couple kids and girlfriend is still such hottie.

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  1. i am dying at this post...i too am relishing in the tomkat marriage dissolution. Seriously, her acting career will pick up as well...look at Nicole more eye wide crap for her. Also, i watched the pilot ep of DC on netflix and man, that show was trying so hard to be so so hip. I still maintain my Josh Jackson love will never die!