Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Love

since we've been having a heat wave in massachusetts this week, today's friday love is dedicated to the best ways to stay cool.
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friendly's watermelon sherbet.  so refreshing.  not overly sweet.  good in a bowl, roll, or cooler form (essentially a milkshake, but made with sprite instead of milk...i think it's now called a slammer but back when friendly's was my hotspot it was called a watermelon cooler).  i enjoyed 2 scoops earlier today to cool down from the 95 degree day.  love.
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duxbury beach.  obviously a beach is perfect for a cool down.  i've never actually been to duxbury beach, but AJD and i are heading there tomorrow.  unfortch it's supposed to rain, but hopefully we get a few hours of beach time.  can't wait to walk in the sand.
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the perfect bathing suit.  i basically buy all my bathing suit tops from j.crew.  i also like to mix and match tops and bottoms, so old navy and h & m also have awesome bathing suit bottoms.  best thing about this summer is j.crew has free shipping on all swimwear all summer.  so click on over and pick out your favorites and stay cool in the heat!

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