Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Love

i was very undecided about what to do friday love on this week, so i landed on songs that i'm loving today and listened to at work while i stared at excel spreadsheets all day.
public service announcement/my name is hov by jay-z.  i pretty much love everything jay-z does.  it's a bold statement, but he may be my favorite rapper.  the opening line of "my name is hov, h to the o-v, i used to sell snowflakes by the o-z" sucks me in every time.
i'm shakin by jack white.  homie seriously has been in 72 bands.  this is off his new solo album, blunderbuss.  the guitar riff is definitely my favorite from the album.  he's a weird dude, but i would love to see him in concert.
white blank page by mumford and sons.  one of my favorite songs from their album.  heck i love every song on their album.  speaking of, why hasn't a new album come out yet.  i'm getting very antsy.  marcus mumford's scratchy voice just kills every song he sings, and i mean that in the best way possible.  love me some mumford on a friday.
the star spangled banner performed by whitney houston.  no, i don't sit at my desk and bump the national anthem at work.  i do bump some whitney from back in the day though.  i couldn't resist ending with whitney's version of the star spangled banner cause it seriously is the best version ever.  we miss you girl.

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