Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Love

fried egg on a burger.  even though the celtics got spanked last night, the silver lining was the burger i ate at the start of the game.  i never liked any type of egg besides scrambled until about two years ago.  thus, i had never experienced a fried egg on a burger until recently.  it basically is heavenly.
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neon accents.  back in the day (aka late 80's early 90's) i rocked neon hard.  i had the best windbreaker ever that was color blocked (so ahead of the trend and i didn't even know it) neon yellow, neon orange, and neon pink.  i was so fly.  anywho, since then i've shied away from full on neon.  the easiest way i've found to incorporate the trend without rekindling my younger years is neon accents.  my favorite way now to rock neon is subtly on bags or jewelry.
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j.crew no 2 pencil skirts.  i know, i know, i never shut up about j.crew.  i'm sorry, i'm can't, don't hate me (name that t.v. show).  today at work i rocked a kelly green no 2 skirt with a navy perfect tee also from j.crew (all of which i got on super sale a few months ago).  it was so easy getting dressed in the morning.  i was work appropriate without using very many brain cells.  and after the celtics loss last night, it's the only way i could handle getting dressed on this friday.
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wearing blazers to work.  this week another staple for me has been wearing blazers to the j.o.b.  pop one on and boom, perfect work attire, comfort, and style.  i've increased my blazer collection over the last few years and currently have 2 black, 1 navy, 1 bright pink, and 1 gray and white stripe.  all but the pink one, i got on super duper sale.  that's the great thing about blazers, there seems to always be some on the sale rack.  gap is my go to for a good on sale blazer.  the past few seasons they've had multiple styles, fabrics, and fits.  if you haven't gotten on the blazer band wagon, i highly recommend saddling up.
sidewalk skimmers from madewell.  i was perusing the madewell blog this morning and these skimmers caught my eye.  those who know me know i love a good flat shoe.  being 5'9"/5'10" i live in flats.  i rock heels at work, but i can probably count the number of times i've worn legit heels outside of the office.  flats are just way more comfortable and make me feel more comfortable, and isn't that what we're all striving for when we get dressed?  if i'm uncomfortable in an outfit, it doesn't look good.  i'm awkward as it is, but when uncomfortable in clothes and shoes, my awkwardness magnifies.  flats solve that problem for me.  plus these ones from madewell are such fun colors and patterns.  love.

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