Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Love

welcome to friday love!  this week is dedicated to some of the delicious food that i consumed while in texas.  enjoy!
franklin barbecue.  holy goodness.  straight off the plane in austin, it was around lunch time and AJD says he wants barbecue.  we weren't ready to experience franklin.  so we waited for about 2 hours in line.  let me tell you, so worth it.  apparently franklin started as a food truck not too long ago and it was so crazy popular that they opened a restaurant that's only open for lunch until they sell out of food.  and just an fyi, they sell out everyday.  by the time we got to the front, they were sold out of pulled pork and ribs (which apparently always sell out first), which was sort of a let down but the brisket, smoked turkey, potato salad, and slaw we consumed were hands down the best barbecue i've ever eaten.  the travel channel was filming a special there and of course we can't remember the name of the show, but AJD and i will likely be standing in line when franklin barbecue is featured.
magnolia cafe.  24 hours a day of deliciousness in austin.  i had been told that i had to head there one morning and enjoy migas (scrambled eggs with tortilla chips).  AJD ordered migas and i had some breakfast tacos with avocados and then we went halfsies.  so delicious.  i can just imagine it's greatness at 4 am.
frito pie.  we don't have these in massachusetts.  yes i realize i could make it myself, but i never have fritos or cheese sauce at home, plus it's way more fun to order at a AA baseball game.  technically AJD ordered it, but i definitely had my fair share.  it really is an amazing combination of food.
full sugar soda.  hello mexican coke.  yes i've had one before, but i did get to try mexican pepsi.  big red (strawberry soda) was new for me.  every type of real sugar soda is beyond delicious.  coming in from 90 degree heat to sip on a cold drink was simply heaven in texas.
hopdoddy burger bar.  hands down my favorite thing we ate in austin (maybe the whole trip).  it was a last minute decision to go and we only had 20 minutes while there, but it was so worth it.  we went there to have a "snack" before the airport.  unfortunately that meant we split a burger (the goodnight) and a nutella and chocolate covered pretzel milkshake.  both things were some of the best things to ever touch my lips.  i really wanted the whole burger to myself, but i had to share with AJD.  i seriously want to go back to austin just so i can eat a full meal at hopdoddy and to explore the congress street area that it resides.  love.  love.  love.

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