Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blog Crush

lately i've been jonesing for some new blogs.  so, i was perusing the world wide web recently and voila, new blog crushes.  i think maybe it's because i've gotten the travel itch recently after superb trips to washington, d.c. and texas, but these first two take traveling to a whole new level.  plus, one lives in my beloved amsterdam.  check 'em out:

explore. dream. discover

la mia vita

the next blog is super duper popular, but i had never really delved into it until recently.  i love how the blogger and her husband are constantly doing ACTIVITIES!  it is essential for AJD that we fill our free time with activities so i love reading about all they do around nyc:

a cup of joe

unrelated, but my reebok running shoes are not doing it for me.  shin splint city over here.  so, i'm lusting after some new nike frees.  i should've never strayed from my beloved frees.
image from counterkicks.com

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