Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Love

woah, celebrity news overload today.  tomkat divorcing.  adele preggo.  khloe and lamar somehow made it back to l.a.  congrats to adele.  and in honor of katie holmes aka joey potter (dawson's creek for life!) breaking free from her marriage/contract/scientology (whatever the case may be), here's some proof that she can bounce back better than ever in the form of friday love.
rebecca romijn.  previously married to john stamos.  now we all love uncle jesse, but he's not really marriage material (allegedly he had a cocaine-fueled night with strippers while still married).  now jerry o'connell, he's a babe.  
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sandra bullock.  um anything is an upgrade from jesse james.
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sophia bush.  i'm not sure if sophia is dating anyone right now, but her divorce from chad michael murray was sketchy city.  there were rumors he cheated on her with his "house of wax" costar paris hilton.  on top of that sophia originally claimed fraud so there were other rumors that she found out after they were married that chad was gay.  whatever the reason, sophia is a fox (and apparently extremely nice to fans in person per my old roomate who met her at an airport), and she doesn't need need this much stress is her life.  glad she took advice from mary j. and appears to have no more drama.
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eva longoria.  having your basketball player husband cheat on you with another player's wife; terrible.  bouncing back with penelope cruz's ridiculously good looking brother eduardo; priceless.

see joey p, things are going to get better.  so show some love to the ladies who bounced back after their divorces on this friday.

honorable mention:
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ali landry.  aka miss usa aka the doritos girl.  she married mario lopez and then less than a month later had the marriage annulled.  word on the street was a.c. slater cheated on her at his bachelor party.  oh albert clifford, not your best move.  she's since married someone else and had a couple kids and girlfriend is still such hottie.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Orange Sails

over the last few days, a bunch of blogs have been abuzz about polka dot and sailboat shorts from old navy.  i was intrigued, so i went to go check them out.  the green and white polka dot shorts didn't really appeal to me in real life, but the sailboats were winners.  also i snagged some reddish/orangish shorts to test out in the dressing room.

the shorts were both over $20 each, so in the dressing room, i decided that i would only get one.  i had them ring both up to see if either were on sale and voila, both were only $17, so they both came home with me.  they're quite comfy and are a light, stretchy material.  i'm a big fan.  so if you're in the market for some cheap shorts, head on over to old navy and get your shop on.

p.s. please disregard the post it on my phone.  i write myself post its at work and put them on my phone so i remember to do something when i get home.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

That Time We Went to Duxbury

i realized i never did a weekend recap.  AJD and i were invited to take advantage of our friend's parents' house in duxbury.  everything about the house, duxbury, and the weekend were beautiful.

the house.
the ocean from the boat.
the beach.
we've been back in reality for three days and i'm already dreaming about going back.  seriously so out of control beautiful.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Monday, June 25, 2012

Popcorn Is Not My Friend

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so there i was, friday night, watching say yes to the dress, just enjoying some popcorn on my sad/relaxing friday night.  when all of a sudden a kernel gets stuck behind my last tooth.  well i'm all comfortable so i don't want to get off the couch to get some floss.  in goes my finger to try and pick it out.  instead of getting it out, i jam it in farther.  i still don't get up and hope it will work its way out while i'm still on the couch.  no luck.  so i get up and try to get it with floss.  no luck.  so annoying but i guess i'll go to bed.  cut to monday morning and my entire jaw is throbbing, my gums are swollen, and my bottom teeth hurt when i open and close my mouth.  houston, we have a problem.  i tried everything.  fingernails, safety pin, tweezers.  nothing would get the kernel out.  pain ensued.  luckily i have a friend who is a dentist.  i organize him to look at it after work.  still a lot of pain during the day so i start psychotically swishing water in my mouth to try to get it out.  around 3 pm i think i dislodged it, but i still want to make sure.  the dentist scrapes and tells me my gum is super swollen (most likely due to me poking and prodding my mouth for 2 days).  but i'm happy to report that the kernel appears to be out.  my jaw is not throbbing anymore.  there's still some gum pain that will hopefully subside over the next couple days.  moral of the story, i'm laying off popcorn for a few (or at the very least only using floss and not my fingers to remove kernels from my teeth).

Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Love

since we've been having a heat wave in massachusetts this week, today's friday love is dedicated to the best ways to stay cool.
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friendly's watermelon sherbet.  so refreshing.  not overly sweet.  good in a bowl, roll, or cooler form (essentially a milkshake, but made with sprite instead of milk...i think it's now called a slammer but back when friendly's was my hotspot it was called a watermelon cooler).  i enjoyed 2 scoops earlier today to cool down from the 95 degree day.  love.
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duxbury beach.  obviously a beach is perfect for a cool down.  i've never actually been to duxbury beach, but AJD and i are heading there tomorrow.  unfortch it's supposed to rain, but hopefully we get a few hours of beach time.  can't wait to walk in the sand.
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the perfect bathing suit.  i basically buy all my bathing suit tops from j.crew.  i also like to mix and match tops and bottoms, so old navy and h & m also have awesome bathing suit bottoms.  best thing about this summer is j.crew has free shipping on all swimwear all summer.  so click on over and pick out your favorites and stay cool in the heat!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I Finally Got My Hair Did

last year i cut my hair to my chin.  it was a mistake.  a mistake i consistently make every couple of years.  i grow my hair out and it looks supa dupa fly and then i freak out about how long it takes me to do everyday and i chop it off.  i love my short hair for about a week and a half and then i want it long again.  so basically for a year i've been growing out my hair.  yes, i know you're supposed to get your hair trimmed every 8 weeks when you're growing it out because it makes it grow faster.  no need to school me on the obvious.  but needless to say i just wanted it longer, not shorter in any sense.  so i waited a year.  unfortunately in that year my hairdresser left the state.  sad day.  i had the same hairdresser for basically age 0-21.  i hopped around until i landed on my previous hairdresser and then she was my dude.  loved her.  loved the salon, but unfortunately after my year off from haircuts, the hair gods punished me.  so i was back with no hairdresser.  but then, the clouds parted and i was recommended kenzo salon in stoneham, ma.
image from
i perused their very informative website and landed on maria as my stylist.  i try to choose stylists who have sort of similar hair to me.  more power to you if you can cut a super trendy pixie but i have long, thick, curly hair and i need a stylist who feels me when i say i've been straightening my hair since i was 16.  maria's hair looked thick and voluminous so she got my vote.

making the appointment was a breeze.  the receptionist was so friendly and helpful.  maria was pretty booked, but the receptionist worked with my schedule and my appointment was made.  i got a reminder call a couple days before to confirm.  perfect.  exactly what i was looking for.

kenzo salon is located right in downtown stoneham.  there's free two hour parking basically surrounding the whole building.  this is why i love the burbs.  my previous hair dresser was in the south end of boston.  after getting my hair all beautified, i'd have to take public transportation all the way home and mess up my do.  not at kenzo.

walking into the salon, i was pleasantly surprised after entering into an old building that the salon itself was very modern with loads of natural light.  since it's currently 3 million degrees in massachusetts, upon entering i was offered up whatever i wanted to drink.  h2o pretty please.  cold and delicious.

maria came and met me before i sat down.  super personable and i loved her outfit.  (sidenote: obviously i checked out her outfit cause i'm me and that's what i do.  skinny pink jeans and a black silk top.  my kind of lady.)  we discussed my ongoing plan of growing out my hair and then we hit the shampoo area.  comfy chairs, warm towels around your neck, plus electric reclining seat.  hells yes.  my hair cut was awesome with just enough chit chat, but i never felt like the conversation was forced.  best part is that the hair dryers plug into the ceiling.  maria did an amazing job cleaning up my poor neglected tresses, added in some layers, and did away with any split ends.  and the blow dry, loved it.

obviously based on this review i was super impressed.  all the reviews are definitely true.  it's a boston-level salon in the burbs.  hallelujah.  and you know what, i booked an 8 week appointment.  color me impressed.  so, if you're from around boston and in the market for a new salon or just want to mix it up a little, definitely check out kenzo salon.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Double Take

while i was in providence, ri for work, not only did i come from banana republic with a trina turk bangle, but also this beautiful tank:
the front is silk with spots, and the back is racerback, knit, and striped.  seriously the best of both worlds.  oh yeah, and it's mighty comfortable.  go pick yourself up one (or two.  it comes in multiple colors and patterns).

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Blog Crush

lately i've been jonesing for some new blogs.  so, i was perusing the world wide web recently and voila, new blog crushes.  i think maybe it's because i've gotten the travel itch recently after superb trips to washington, d.c. and texas, but these first two take traveling to a whole new level.  plus, one lives in my beloved amsterdam.  check 'em out:

explore. dream. discover

la mia vita

the next blog is super duper popular, but i had never really delved into it until recently.  i love how the blogger and her husband are constantly doing ACTIVITIES!  it is essential for AJD that we fill our free time with activities so i love reading about all they do around nyc:

a cup of joe

unrelated, but my reebok running shoes are not doing it for me.  shin splint city over here.  so, i'm lusting after some new nike frees.  i should've never strayed from my beloved frees.
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Monday, June 18, 2012

Weekend Recap Heyooooooo

this weekend was jam packed and oodles of good times were had.  since AJD was away last weekend and then i was gone almost the whole week at a work conference, we had a super date night on friday.  it started with dinner at meadhall in cambridge, followed by the mooooovies.  we had never been to mead hall and twas divine.  loads of beers to choose from followed by some very scrumptious eats.  surprisingly there was no wait for the table and before we hunkered down for dinner, we had a couple libations at the bar.  i had heard when it first opened a year or so ago, meadhall was packed so tight you couldn't move.  maybe the luster of a new place wore off, but i must say it was very enjoyable and the food was quite delish.  i would definitely make a return visit.

after we were good and full, we headed to kendall square cinema and saw safety not guaranteed.
the movie starred april from parks and recreation, pete from the league, and nick from new girl.  i have to say that for me nick from new girl stole the show.  loads of sarcastic comments and his interactions with a young indian intern won me over.  the movie is short (1 hr 25 min) and sweet.  the ending made me smile.  all in all a grand date night.

saturday was spent hiking mt. cardigan in orange, new hampshire.  such a beautiful day for hiking in new hampshire, even though it wasn't quite as nice in boston.  after a 2 1/2 hour drive, we made it to our destination and hiked to the top.
the view of the surrounding mountains was clearly very beautiful and we took a nice break at the summit to drink it all in.

we wrapped up our weekend by heading to newburyport with my mom and grandfather for a lovely meal by the water.  newburyport in the summer is a fave spot of mine and it was fun to show my mom and grandfather one of my favorites for the first time.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Friday Love

i was very undecided about what to do friday love on this week, so i landed on songs that i'm loving today and listened to at work while i stared at excel spreadsheets all day.
public service announcement/my name is hov by jay-z.  i pretty much love everything jay-z does.  it's a bold statement, but he may be my favorite rapper.  the opening line of "my name is hov, h to the o-v, i used to sell snowflakes by the o-z" sucks me in every time.
i'm shakin by jack white.  homie seriously has been in 72 bands.  this is off his new solo album, blunderbuss.  the guitar riff is definitely my favorite from the album.  he's a weird dude, but i would love to see him in concert.
white blank page by mumford and sons.  one of my favorite songs from their album.  heck i love every song on their album.  speaking of, why hasn't a new album come out yet.  i'm getting very antsy.  marcus mumford's scratchy voice just kills every song he sings, and i mean that in the best way possible.  love me some mumford on a friday.
the star spangled banner performed by whitney houston.  no, i don't sit at my desk and bump the national anthem at work.  i do bump some whitney from back in the day though.  i couldn't resist ending with whitney's version of the star spangled banner cause it seriously is the best version ever.  we miss you girl.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Get a Little Trina in Your Life

last week banana republic released a new limited edition line with well known designer trina turk.  i finally made it to see the collection in person and the colors were just as bright and vibrant as they looked online.  here are my favorites from the collection:

all images from
i may have gone home with a trina souvenir of my own.  and when i say may, i mean the turquoise bangle now proudly belongs to me.  i had some rewards saved up from my banana credit card and was quite excited to add some trina into my life.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Sandwich City

i've been in my old stomping grounds, providence, ri, since monday at a work conference (don't fret i'm home now). while there i only had free time after five pm, so i took the opportunity to visit my favorite sandwich place, geoff's, last night for dinner. pure deliciousness. gigantic menu. and most important free, all you can eat, homemade pickles. if you've never been i highly recommend.

i usually enjoy the frigid bitch sandwich (turkey, spinach, chive cream cheese, cucumbers, tiger sauce, and sprouts), but i tried a new one for me, chicken george (chicken salad, bacon, melted swiss cheese, hot spinach, onion, shedd sauce, and russian dressing - i minused the tomato).  it was bizarre and so unbelievably tasty.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Ahoy I've Joined the Trend

lookey lookey what i got. i've joined the boat shoe trend. so what if i'm fashionably late, i like to make an entrance.
edit: i realized i already have boat shoes, but they're the winterized shearing lined version. i joined the summer boat shoe trend. boom.

Monday, June 11, 2012

To Maxi or Not to Maxi

maxi dresses.  never been sure about this trend.  i understand the concept.  super comfortable.  super flowy.  but i just don't think i can rock it.  i also used the excuse that i could never find maxi dresses long enough for my tall frame.  now word on the street is banana republic and a couple other places are stocking maxi dresses for us tall girls.  i'm still up in the air if this look would work for me,even though now i have the option to wear it.  i understand you can dress it up or dress it down but i just imagine myself buying a maxi dress and then putting it on to wear multiple times, but just never leaving the house in one.  so the question i'm left with is to maxi or not to maxi?

Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Love

fried egg on a burger.  even though the celtics got spanked last night, the silver lining was the burger i ate at the start of the game.  i never liked any type of egg besides scrambled until about two years ago.  thus, i had never experienced a fried egg on a burger until recently.  it basically is heavenly.
image from
neon accents.  back in the day (aka late 80's early 90's) i rocked neon hard.  i had the best windbreaker ever that was color blocked (so ahead of the trend and i didn't even know it) neon yellow, neon orange, and neon pink.  i was so fly.  anywho, since then i've shied away from full on neon.  the easiest way i've found to incorporate the trend without rekindling my younger years is neon accents.  my favorite way now to rock neon is subtly on bags or jewelry.
image from
j.crew no 2 pencil skirts.  i know, i know, i never shut up about j.crew.  i'm sorry, i'm can't, don't hate me (name that t.v. show).  today at work i rocked a kelly green no 2 skirt with a navy perfect tee also from j.crew (all of which i got on super sale a few months ago).  it was so easy getting dressed in the morning.  i was work appropriate without using very many brain cells.  and after the celtics loss last night, it's the only way i could handle getting dressed on this friday.
image from
wearing blazers to work.  this week another staple for me has been wearing blazers to the j.o.b.  pop one on and boom, perfect work attire, comfort, and style.  i've increased my blazer collection over the last few years and currently have 2 black, 1 navy, 1 bright pink, and 1 gray and white stripe.  all but the pink one, i got on super duper sale.  that's the great thing about blazers, there seems to always be some on the sale rack.  gap is my go to for a good on sale blazer.  the past few seasons they've had multiple styles, fabrics, and fits.  if you haven't gotten on the blazer band wagon, i highly recommend saddling up.
sidewalk skimmers from madewell.  i was perusing the madewell blog this morning and these skimmers caught my eye.  those who know me know i love a good flat shoe.  being 5'9"/5'10" i live in flats.  i rock heels at work, but i can probably count the number of times i've worn legit heels outside of the office.  flats are just way more comfortable and make me feel more comfortable, and isn't that what we're all striving for when we get dressed?  if i'm uncomfortable in an outfit, it doesn't look good.  i'm awkward as it is, but when uncomfortable in clothes and shoes, my awkwardness magnifies.  flats solve that problem for me.  plus these ones from madewell are such fun colors and patterns.  love.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

p.s. Paul

i need another win tonight.  i'm withholding manicures until after the playoffs since all i do is bite my nails. my nails can't handle much more. go celts.

p.p.s. sorry there are no pictures in this post. i'm out at a bar and this is all i can handle.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Anchors Away

i was perusing the new sale items at j.crew today and i came across this anchor top:
image from
i had seen it previously when it first came out.  i even checked it out in store.  i was so up in the air about how i felt about this top for a long time.  it's so preppy, but i've come to love it.  it even has gold buttons on the shoulders.  it's still a little pricey for my liking, but i'm keeping my eye out for a lower sale price.  and maybe, just maybe, it will one day be mine.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Dear Paul

please win tonight.  staying up until midnight is only worth it if you win.  plus my blood pressure can't take much more.  go celts.
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Monday, June 4, 2012

Snip Snip

images from
here's a newsflash for those of you that haven't seen me in real life.  i've got boobs.  pretty big ones if i do say so myself.  this means i have to wear a bra.  it's not a choice, it is a requirement.  i always see such cute summer dresses with low backs or cutouts that don't facilitate bra wearing.  this is fine for those girls who as kanye west eloquently describes them "uhhh two bee stings," but for me, a bra is requirement.  and on a hot summer day, i don't want to be strapped into a low back corset type bra that is usually reserved for proms and weddings.  enter this dress from madewell.  best of both worlds.  cutouts for summer and the ability to wear a normal bra.  hallelujah.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Love

welcome to friday love!  this week is dedicated to some of the delicious food that i consumed while in texas.  enjoy!
franklin barbecue.  holy goodness.  straight off the plane in austin, it was around lunch time and AJD says he wants barbecue.  we weren't ready to experience franklin.  so we waited for about 2 hours in line.  let me tell you, so worth it.  apparently franklin started as a food truck not too long ago and it was so crazy popular that they opened a restaurant that's only open for lunch until they sell out of food.  and just an fyi, they sell out everyday.  by the time we got to the front, they were sold out of pulled pork and ribs (which apparently always sell out first), which was sort of a let down but the brisket, smoked turkey, potato salad, and slaw we consumed were hands down the best barbecue i've ever eaten.  the travel channel was filming a special there and of course we can't remember the name of the show, but AJD and i will likely be standing in line when franklin barbecue is featured.
magnolia cafe.  24 hours a day of deliciousness in austin.  i had been told that i had to head there one morning and enjoy migas (scrambled eggs with tortilla chips).  AJD ordered migas and i had some breakfast tacos with avocados and then we went halfsies.  so delicious.  i can just imagine it's greatness at 4 am.
frito pie.  we don't have these in massachusetts.  yes i realize i could make it myself, but i never have fritos or cheese sauce at home, plus it's way more fun to order at a AA baseball game.  technically AJD ordered it, but i definitely had my fair share.  it really is an amazing combination of food.
full sugar soda.  hello mexican coke.  yes i've had one before, but i did get to try mexican pepsi.  big red (strawberry soda) was new for me.  every type of real sugar soda is beyond delicious.  coming in from 90 degree heat to sip on a cold drink was simply heaven in texas.
hopdoddy burger bar.  hands down my favorite thing we ate in austin (maybe the whole trip).  it was a last minute decision to go and we only had 20 minutes while there, but it was so worth it.  we went there to have a "snack" before the airport.  unfortunately that meant we split a burger (the goodnight) and a nutella and chocolate covered pretzel milkshake.  both things were some of the best things to ever touch my lips.  i really wanted the whole burger to myself, but i had to share with AJD.  i seriously want to go back to austin just so i can eat a full meal at hopdoddy and to explore the congress street area that it resides.  love.  love.  love.