Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Vacation Outfit

i only officially took one set of outfit photos when i was in d.c.  unfortunately, it was when we got back from dinner.  the pictures are dark.  i'm slightly intoxicated in them.  you can see my exploded suitcase and AJD is hiding under the covers in the background.  had we not been intoxicated, AJD would have taken the photos prior to us going out when it was still light out.  but hey, we were on vacation and this is what i got.
blazer: marshalls; tank and sandals:; jeans:; necklace and earrings: gifts

this blazer is actually from my first ever suit.  i bought it right after college from marshalls and haven't touched it since i got my first job out of college seven years ago.  i stumbled upon it when i started my closet makeover.  i'm glad to bring it back to life in a much more stylish way than in a boring interview ready suit.

i rocked this outfit out to dinner on saturday night (and again on sunday night, shhh don't tell).  saturday for dinner we went to birch and barley and had one of the best meals i've ever eaten.  i'll have a full report in my vacation recap, but we got upgraded to the chef's table and it was unbelievable.

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