Thursday, May 31, 2012

Texas Goodies

i totes forgot to mention my wonderful purchases from texas.  "somehow" AJD and i ended up at a jcrew factory store.  i swear it was for something for AJD, but i clearly couldn't pass up the opportunity.  i was good and only bought 2 things and both were on sale.  plus, i was on vacation, so i needed a souvenir (or two). 
imagine this lace covered tank in white.  it's not fitted so it's was super comfy to rock in the 90 degree heat.  i'll definitely get lots of use this summer, plus i can put it in the dryer, which makes it a double bonus.
i love this dress.  it's ridiculously over the top comfy and it's so light and flowy, plus it's purple.  i actually ended up wearing this to AJD's bro's wedding.  it was a casual affair, and as i mentioned, it was hot as balls in texas, so having a flowy dress on was a must.

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