Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Love

i did a crappy job working out this week, so what better way to motivate me for next week than a friday love post dedicated to my favorite work out gear.
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nike dri-fit t-shirts.  i currently don't own any of this exact shirt, but the concept is what gets my friday love.  i prefer v necks when exercising as sometimes crew necks feel like they're strangling me.  and who doesn't love dri-fit technology.  so much cooler and less sticky.
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gap half zips.  i have this color and a bright neon yellow.  the half zip is perfect for keeping your neck clear and avoiding strangling while working out.  the material is stretchy and light, but still helps keep you warm.  and the best part are the loops for your thumbs.
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gap leggings.  i have this pair except with a blue stripe.  i have leggings from nike, llbean, and gap.  all have worked well for me.  i prefer spandex because it completely gets rid of the ever-annoying riding up in the legs that happens with bad shorts.
nike free running shoes.  hands down my favorite running shoe.  currently i have reebok's version and unfortunately they are not doing it for me.  i literally can't wait for them to wear out, so that i can get new nike free's.  my last 2 pairs of running shoes have been free's and i never should have strayed. 

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