Friday, May 4, 2012

Friday Love

i know i said i'd have a full vacation recap up this week, but life got in the way, so now it's going to be pushed to monday. don't worry in the meantime I've got an all washington, d.c. friday love post for all of you.

friday love this week is reserved for all the delicious food AJD and I consumed while in the nation's capital.
co co sala.  this restaurant specializes in cooking with chocolate.  hands down, best dish is the mac and cheese with chocolate covered bacon.  i clearly didn't get a shot of the mac and cheese since AJD and i inhaled it.  i did snap a quick pic of the lamb and beef sliders which were soooo delish.
baked and wired.  we only made it to georgetown for a hot minute, but while we were there, we stopped in for a to die for cupcake at baked and wired.  this little ditty is a seasonal cupcake called the tessita. vanilla cake with dulce de leche filling and chocolate-hazelnut satin icing.  love.
birch and barley. as i mentioned in my vacation outfit post, dinner at birch and barley was insane.  we got upgraded to the chef's table, which basically means you get to sit overlooking the kitchen and you get loads of free food.  we got some squab, arancini (not pictured), butcher's board, basket of ridiculously good bread (not pictured), duck with greens and wild rice, side of truffle mac and cheese, and AJD had ricotta cavatelli (not pictured).  everything was unreal.  one of the best meals i've ever had in my life.  double love.
2 amy's pizza. classic neapolitan pizza.  so thin and perfect.  ugh, i want one now.  food friday love.

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