Monday, May 28, 2012

Don't Mess With Texas

AJD and i are back!  texas was super fun and super steamy (hot i mean).  it was in the 90's every day we were there.  for me, being used to 60s-70s, it was a shock, but the good news is i'm not super pasty and pale, only slightly pale (i used loads of sunscreen).  our first few days in texas we were in austin.  i now understand why people love austin.  it's just a fun scene all around.  no matter what time of day it is, you can find something to do.  after that we headed to san antonio for AJD's brother's air force basic training graduation (which was uber impressive), then his wedding, and spent the rest of the weekend with some of AJD's fam and his brother of course.  our last day, we chose to head back up to austin, since we loved it (more than san antonio).  here's a quick picture recap of just a small taste of what we did in the great state of texas (note: AJD was the man with the camera once again.  all these photos are courtesy of his photography skills):
hamilton pool.  a fresh spring water pool where we went hiking and swimming.  it was so beautiful.  if you're ever near austin, you definitely need to check it out.
sunset over the congress street bridge in austin.  we stood out on the bridge to watch the bats (austin is home to the largest urban bat colony).  unfortunately the bats didn't come out the night we went to see them, but we did see a pretty sweet sunset.

air force basic training graduation.  so impressive.  very moving.  so hot.  basically confirmed my thought that i could never handle being in the military and am so impressed by everyone that is.
the alamo.  our hotel was literally next door to the alamo in san antonio.  it's unreal how the alamo is in the middle of the city.  it almost seems fake since it's legit across the street from a ripley's believe it or not museum.
texas state capitol.  the capitol is surrounded by beautiful walkways with statues.  on our last day, we were able to spend a little time at the capitol to take pictures and bask in its beauty.  texas forever.

if you want to see more pics from our trip, follow me on instagram, njeane13.  later in the week i'll recap the food we ate, which let me tell you was well worth the 1 1/2 pounds i gained.

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