Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DC Continued

i want to get back to regularly scheduled programming, so here is the final wrap up of the rest of the trip (i realized that after day 1, we went to a lot of places that didn't allow photography like the national archives and the portrait gallery.  so there are limited pictures).  again, most pictures are courtesy of AJD on the fancy camera:

tour of the capitol:
 library of congress:
 outside the capitol (AJD is so artistic with the camera):
 air and space museum (my least favorite museum ever):
 national sculpture garden fountains:
 d.c. by night from the roof of the w. hotel
welp, that's a wrap of the d.c. pictures.  if you've never been i highly recommend.  the whole city really is an impressive sight.  glad i got to go back to experience AJD's first visit.

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