Thursday, May 31, 2012

Texas Goodies

i totes forgot to mention my wonderful purchases from texas.  "somehow" AJD and i ended up at a jcrew factory store.  i swear it was for something for AJD, but i clearly couldn't pass up the opportunity.  i was good and only bought 2 things and both were on sale.  plus, i was on vacation, so i needed a souvenir (or two). 
imagine this lace covered tank in white.  it's not fitted so it's was super comfy to rock in the 90 degree heat.  i'll definitely get lots of use this summer, plus i can put it in the dryer, which makes it a double bonus.
i love this dress.  it's ridiculously over the top comfy and it's so light and flowy, plus it's purple.  i actually ended up wearing this to AJD's bro's wedding.  it was a casual affair, and as i mentioned, it was hot as balls in texas, so having a flowy dress on was a must.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

They've Got That One Thing

so i thought that my wildly inappropriate obsession with the baby boy band one direction would end with their ridiculously catchy song, "that's what makes you beautiful."  boy was i mistaken.  the video for their new single, "one thing," sucked me right back in.  their outfits are to die for.  buttons all the way up to the neck with half popped collars, sign me up.  not only is the song super catchy, but the video just makes me smile.  london in the fall, sign me up again.

p.s. harry styles forever.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


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lately i've been thinking about getting a pair of toms original shoes.  they're light and slip on, perfect for the summer.  i still find them sort of ugly, but i think they could be my go to slip on during the warmer months.  anyone have any thoughts on their love or hate for toms?

Monday, May 28, 2012

Don't Mess With Texas

AJD and i are back!  texas was super fun and super steamy (hot i mean).  it was in the 90's every day we were there.  for me, being used to 60s-70s, it was a shock, but the good news is i'm not super pasty and pale, only slightly pale (i used loads of sunscreen).  our first few days in texas we were in austin.  i now understand why people love austin.  it's just a fun scene all around.  no matter what time of day it is, you can find something to do.  after that we headed to san antonio for AJD's brother's air force basic training graduation (which was uber impressive), then his wedding, and spent the rest of the weekend with some of AJD's fam and his brother of course.  our last day, we chose to head back up to austin, since we loved it (more than san antonio).  here's a quick picture recap of just a small taste of what we did in the great state of texas (note: AJD was the man with the camera once again.  all these photos are courtesy of his photography skills):
hamilton pool.  a fresh spring water pool where we went hiking and swimming.  it was so beautiful.  if you're ever near austin, you definitely need to check it out.
sunset over the congress street bridge in austin.  we stood out on the bridge to watch the bats (austin is home to the largest urban bat colony).  unfortunately the bats didn't come out the night we went to see them, but we did see a pretty sweet sunset.

air force basic training graduation.  so impressive.  very moving.  so hot.  basically confirmed my thought that i could never handle being in the military and am so impressed by everyone that is.
the alamo.  our hotel was literally next door to the alamo in san antonio.  it's unreal how the alamo is in the middle of the city.  it almost seems fake since it's legit across the street from a ripley's believe it or not museum.
texas state capitol.  the capitol is surrounded by beautiful walkways with statues.  on our last day, we were able to spend a little time at the capitol to take pictures and bask in its beauty.  texas forever.

if you want to see more pics from our trip, follow me on instagram, njeane13.  later in the week i'll recap the food we ate, which let me tell you was well worth the 1 1/2 pounds i gained.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012


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AJD and i are off again!  this time we're heading west to texas.  i've only ever stopped at the dallas airport, so i'm excited to explore austin and san antonio for the next five days.

sorry to say folks, that means the blog is also on vacation.  just pine away for me while i'm gone.  i'll repay you with photo recaps.

if you can't live without me, follow me on instagram, njeane13.  i like to go nuts on instagram while on vaca.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Pretty In Peplum

i spent the weekend in nyc visiting college friends and attending a bridal shower.  it was warm to quite warm in the city this weekend and i only felt like i was melting a handful of times, but besides that it was an awesome little getaway.  

i had some time to kill before i had to train it back to boston, so what's a blogger to do other than shop?!  i was very good and actually only bought one thing.
this peplum style shirt fulfills two of wants and desires in additions to my closet.  #1 it's lace.  i've been searching for a lace top for the summer and this one fits the bills.  #2 it's a dressier tank that i can wear when i need to be a little fancy, but i still want to stay cool in hot temps.  it also comes in black and it was hard to pick between the two.  fingers crossed in a month or so, the black one will be on super sale and they'll still have it in my size.  i foresee wearing this little number with my jcrew no. 2 pencil skirts as well as skinny jeans.

Friday, May 18, 2012

Friday Love

i did a crappy job working out this week, so what better way to motivate me for next week than a friday love post dedicated to my favorite work out gear.
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nike dri-fit t-shirts.  i currently don't own any of this exact shirt, but the concept is what gets my friday love.  i prefer v necks when exercising as sometimes crew necks feel like they're strangling me.  and who doesn't love dri-fit technology.  so much cooler and less sticky.
image from
gap half zips.  i have this color and a bright neon yellow.  the half zip is perfect for keeping your neck clear and avoiding strangling while working out.  the material is stretchy and light, but still helps keep you warm.  and the best part are the loops for your thumbs.
image from 
gap leggings.  i have this pair except with a blue stripe.  i have leggings from nike, llbean, and gap.  all have worked well for me.  i prefer spandex because it completely gets rid of the ever-annoying riding up in the legs that happens with bad shorts.
nike free running shoes.  hands down my favorite running shoe.  currently i have reebok's version and unfortunately they are not doing it for me.  i literally can't wait for them to wear out, so that i can get new nike free's.  my last 2 pairs of running shoes have been free's and i never should have strayed. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sparkly Stunner

first let me clearly state that this dress is #1 on my wish list of wishes that will never happen.  first of all the price tag is $698.  second the dress is fancy schmancy and i have no where to wear it.  but with that said, ooooooh i want it! i want it!  seriously, it's so pretty i supplied you with a picture of the front and the back.  le sigh.
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Wednesday, May 16, 2012


i've never really gotten into leopard print.  i used to have leopard flats that i l-o-v-e-d loved.  i wore a hole in the sole.  that's when you know you got full use out of shoes.  anyways, besides a pair of flats, leopard hasn't really been my thing.  i love the concept (when done tastefully), but on myself it just never seemed to click.  i was in the gap today and the salesperson said to me "my, don't you look very stripey today."  now for reference i was wearing a striped dress from the gap, so probably not the best move by the salesperson, but it got me thinking.  maybe i need to move forward with patterns.  i loves me some stripes and polka dots, and maybe a little plaid thrown in, but maybe the solution to all my problems is i need a little leopard in my life.
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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Just Call Me Stevie Nicks

i. love. scarves.  no doubt about it.  i have a ton and i constantly want more.  i actually can't remember the last time i bought a scarf, which is sad to me.  i have gotten a few recently as gifts so maybe that filled my quota in my head.  i'm getting the itch now though.  specifically for something with a little navy.
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Monday, May 14, 2012

Babe City

every day i dvr the ellen show and anderson cooper's talk show.  ellen took the crown today.  taylor kitsch aka tim riggins from friday night lights and more importantly, kate beckinsale.  kate beckinsale is such a babe.  her hair was perfect.  her dress was perfect.  it was a black leather sheath dress with a bright yellow color blocked back.  she just looked amazing.
this is the only picture i could find (which isn't a very good shot) since it just occurred today, but you get the general idea.  kate's a babe.  no doubt about it.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Love

this week's friday love is dedicated to my favorite adult beverages.  after this week, i'm in need of a few.
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abeja cabernet sauvignon.  AJD tried this at a wine tasting and it has now become a favorite in our household.  it's super pricey for wine and for our wallets so we have it once a year around christmas time.  it's so tasty and easy to look forward to.
 image from
brooklyn summer.  my favorite summer beer.  i love a lot of beers, but brooklyn summer is an old favorite and i look forward to the glorious time of year when it is released marking the start of my summer season.
image from
bellini.  peach and prosecco.  yes please.  this was my go to drink in washington, d.c.  it's so light and fruity and delicious.
image from
lychee martini.  basically a japanese pear martini.  i had my first one in toronto during college and i never looked back.  they don't serve them everywhere, so whenever i find a place that does, i have to get one.
image from
mojito.  hands down, best drink on a hot day.  so refreshing.  the mint and lime just scream summer to me.  makes me wish it was a1. warm out, and b2. that i was sitting outside with one of these in my hand.  friday love all the way.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Dress Like A Lady

contrary to what my closet would tell you, i prefer to wear dresses to work.  my closet would say, "but you have way more skirts!"  tis true.  i have way more skirts than dresses when it comes to work attire, but when it gets down to what i actually like to wear, dresses trump skirts every time.  they're so much easier to just put on in the morning and poof you're put together.  skirts you have to worry about what shirt/sweater goes and the age old question of to tuck in or not to tuck in.  as my wardrobe evolves, i'll definitely be leaning towards dresses over skirts, but since i can't afford to buy every dress that catches my eye, i can just internet stalk my favorites.
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Wednesday, May 9, 2012

DC Continued

i want to get back to regularly scheduled programming, so here is the final wrap up of the rest of the trip (i realized that after day 1, we went to a lot of places that didn't allow photography like the national archives and the portrait gallery.  so there are limited pictures).  again, most pictures are courtesy of AJD on the fancy camera:

tour of the capitol:
 library of congress:
 outside the capitol (AJD is so artistic with the camera):
 air and space museum (my least favorite museum ever):
 national sculpture garden fountains:
 d.c. by night from the roof of the w. hotel
welp, that's a wrap of the d.c. pictures.  if you've never been i highly recommend.  the whole city really is an impressive sight.  glad i got to go back to experience AJD's first visit.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Ta Da!!!

finally here is my washington, d.c. recap.  it's been delayed a couple times and the best way i can show you all we saw is through pictures.  there's a lot of pictures, so beware.  please note: most of these pictures were taken by AJD.  i went nuts on instagram, while he took the fancy camera.

day 1: monument city
world war II:
reflecting pool:
view of the washington monument from the jefferson:
the obama residence:
stay tuned for tomorrow's continuation of mine and AJD's washington, d.c. recap.