Thursday, April 5, 2012

well hellooooooooooo blogger

sorry about the quick blog break this week.  i blame the juice.  my juice fast lasted 24 hours.  my body essentially rejected the juice fast in more ways than one.  i'm not going to get into too many details, but i felt straight up awful monday night, but i vowed to see how i felt in the morning.  well my alarm went off on tuesday and it took all my strength to not vomit the entire time i was getting ready for work.  i just felt terrible, so solid food went into my mouth.  it was glorious, except all i could handle was toast because my stomach was a huge mess.  more after effects for a few more days, but i'm pretty much back to my old self (now three days back on solids).  AJD lasted a little while longer with zero effects, but he ended up having to go out to dinner with some clients and eating solid food, so his juice fast ended early as well.  there will be no more juice fasts in my future.

the best thing that's happened to me so far this week is instagram entering my life.
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if you don't know about instagram, basically it's an iphone app that allows you to take pictures and then doctor them to look differently (ie black and white, different shading, etc.).  most people wouldn't count this as the best thing to happen to them in a week, but i legit wanted to trade in my droid for an iphone for the sole purpose of having instagram.  now it's available for droid as well, so my world has been rocked.  the other thing about instagram is that you can follow people similar to blogger, twitter, facebook, etc.  so if you're down with instagram, please feel free to follow me at njeane13.

speaking of following, please feel free to pass my blog onto any and all of your friends and family and ask them to follow.  as AJD says, "you better start making money off this blog soon, i want to be a stay at home boyfriend."  making money is not even on my radar with this blog, but gaining new followers literally makes me squeal.

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