Monday, April 23, 2012

Pink Lady

guess what?  i finally took some outfit photos with my good camera and not with my droid.  hallelujah.  please disregard my terribly frizzy hair.  we had some wet and humid conditions on the commute today.  it was also deathly hot in my office all day.  i finally realized that i should turn on my ac to stop sweating.  too little too late.

pink blazer and polka dot shirt:; black skinnies:; nine west nude heels:; burberry watch:; earrings: gift

if you follow me on twitter, you'll know that i didn't wear the nude heels to work.  just picture this exact outfit with peep toe black heels.  i also rocked some tretorn wellies on my commute which let me tell you, are oh so stylish.  

also, you may be wondering to yourself, do i realize that i posted four of the essentially same picture?  well look a little closer.  four pictures.  four different poses.  taking pictures in a mirror is one of the most awkward things ever.  try to do it.  you rarely look good.  i think the third picture down with the crossed legs in my favorite.  i can't remember which celebrity said it, but on the red carpet, one lady said this is her signature pose because crossing your legs makes you look more narrow.  well, don't mind if i do steal your red carpet pose for my awkward mirror outfit pictures.

p.s. i tried smiling in some of the pictures, but i looked like a crazy freakshow person.  my goal for my next outfit post will be to add in a smile.  baby steps.


  1. It is super hard to take pictures of myself..i hate it! I've got to try that.. cross the legs thing- thanks for that tip ;) cute jacket BTW!