Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Lime!

as i mentioned yesterday, i not only picked up a jcrew number two pencil skirt in kelly green, but also in lime green.  here's a nice blurry phone pic (where the skirt looks more yellow than lime) for you to enjoy:
please disregard my wet hair that I hadn't dried yet since i was running uber late, as well as my flip flops.  as i've mentioned before, my work shoes live under my desk at work, plus walking to the t is much more comfy in flops than in heels.  i'm also wearing my new lace collared jcrew shirt and it was light and soft on this unseasonably hot day.

bosslady at work was a huge fan of the skirt, plus some random woman in the hallway on the way to lunch, so two compliments = outfit success.

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