Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Haul

i went shopping after work on friday.  the purpose of the shopping trip was to buy a dress for one of the weddings i am attending this summer.  i was on the hunt for a lightweight/nautical/more casual dress for a wedding that is being held on thompson island in boston harbor.  i found the perfect one:
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it's a simple navy and white striped dress with buttons down the back.  it will be perfect for the occasion.  unfortunately though, my shopping problem kicked in and i picked up a few more items from jcrew, but in my defense, they were all on sale.
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i've been lusting after green bottoms and jcrew's number 2 pencil skirts for awhile now.  i actually ended up getting two.  i only took this kelly green color into the dressing room with me, but when i asked for a smaller size to compare, katie from jcrew brought me in this color and a lime green color.  i couldn't resist.  the sale was too awesome, as was the lime green color. 

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i also picked up a perfect tee in navy.  it was on super duper sale and i spilled olive oil on my other navy tshirt so it was a no brainer.  if you haven't tried jcrew's perfect shirts, i highly recommend.  they're really durable and they come in a variety of colors and styles.

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this is a little hard to see, but this black lace collared shirt was so soft and inviting, i had to get it.  i can't wait to wear it with both of my new pencil skirts.  again, it was on super duper sale, so i didn't feel bad.
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then i made the mistake of heading to the gap.  this resulted in more green bottoms being purchased.  unfortunately these were not on sale, but weren't overly pricey.  they're a more relaxed fit and i opted for a size up then i normally wear in gap to make them extra slouchey.  so. comfortable.
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the last piece i also picked up from the gap which is this basic navy and white striped tee.  i paired it on saturday with my new slouchy green pants and got multiple compliments.  as i said before, compliments to me = outfit success.

now i'm on a shopping ban to get ready for AJD and my upcoming trips: washington, d.c., nyc, austin, tx, and san antonio, tx.  it's going to be a busy april and may.

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  1. You were already on a shpping ban.