Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meet My Closet

feel free to look around...
the answer you're looking for is, yes i cleaned the whole closet to take these pictures.
no, i wasn't ahead of the neon trend.  that bright lime paper bag i think is from 2006 and it houses all my winter hats, gloves, and mittens.
at least my wardrobe is colorful.
please note the well folded second level.  yet it is very hard to pull exactly what i want down without having entire piles fall on my head.
please note that all my work appropriate shoes live underneath my desk at work.  good thing too because they can't fit on this shoe rack.

as you can see, my closet is pretty neat, but when you actually look, it's a giant mess (p.s. we're focusing on my side.  as you can see AJD wears a lot of blue and keeps his side quite organized).  since the weather this "winter" (i use that term loosely) has been crazy, my closet has lost its mind.  the week of random 80 degree days really set it over the edge.  now various seasons of every kind of clothing are mixed together.  there's no rhyme or reason as to where things are hung.  the only thing that stood true throughout this past season is the types of clothes have remained separated from one another.  for that, i commend myself, but only slightly.

AJD and i are blessed with enough closet space in our one bedroom palace.  this is by far the largest closet i've ever had in my life.  it definitely gets the job done, but i can't help having serious closet envy.
the first picture is pretty much my dream closet.  the perfect mix of open space, drawers, rods, and shelves.  i do have hope that one day i can have a closet as awesome as the first picture.  i have to be realistic though, and the second closet, which i'm still pretty envious of, is actually from ikea, and thus attainable.  it all comes down to the next place i live in.  hopefully i can pull off picture number one, but if not, i have picture number two and ikea to help me come as close as i can.

hopefully this weekend, i'm going to tackle fixing my existing closet.  most of the changes will come in the form of different organization and clothes donations.  i hope to transition from plastic hangers to big girl wood hangers, but depending on price that may be an ongoing process.  i'll take pictures of the final product once i'm done.


  1. why hello there closet! you are so huge! so much space! so fun! You update a lot on your blog! I hope to do +1post/wk once finals are over!

    I am following ya! I hope you can giv eme a visit and follow me back! I have twitter too. Let me kknow what you hink about my blog if you could :) I 'm always looking for feedback!

    God bless

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