Monday, April 2, 2012

Juicy Juice

AJD and i decided to embark on 5 day juice cleanse starting today.  i gave myself the ability to eat one serving of actual fruit as well.  so far, it's beyond awful.  breakfast was totally fine, but then lunch, not chewing, really bothered me.  i tried to hold out until around 2 pm to have my serving of un-juiced fruit but i made it to 1:30.  i also drank a TON of water.  i literally had to stop drinking water an hour before my afternoon meeting cause i couldn't make it 15 minutes without having to pee so badly.  i also was afraid that i wouldn't make it home on the train without wetting myself.  so. much. water.

throughout the day the cleanse, for me, has been shortened to a 3 day goal.  after talking to AJD, who isn't as bothered as me by day 1, we've decided to see how we feel tomorrow morning when we wake up.  both of us have no problems having a juice for breakfast, but i think i need solid food.  maybe this would be better if i didn't have to sit at a desk all day, but i literally sit and think about food.  i can't concentrate.  i feel like i'm in slow motion.  i realize it's only day 1 and i may be giving up too early, but i love food too much i think.  i was doing this to try and jump start a more healthy eating schedule.  i really need to work on portion control.  AJD recently bought us a food scale.  i can definitely use that to control my portions.

this could be the juice talking, but earlier in the day i wanted a cheeseburger, burrito, and filet mignon simultaneously.  now i just want to chew.  i tried gum, but it's just not doing it for me.

we'll see how i feel in the morning.

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