Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Love

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lace tops.  i've seen a lot of ladies busting these out lately in boston.  underneath blazers for work and then rocking lace without the blazer for after work drinks.  so soft and sophisticated.
the kentucky wildcats men's basketball team.  for the third straight year, my bracket has trumped AJD's resulting in a free dinner at the destination of my choice.  i was down by one point going into the finals, but kentucky winning set me over the edge.  my wallet and my stomach give you friday love.
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my gap pink blazer.  i've been jonesing to wear this since i bought it and discussed it in this post.  i figure easter is the perfect time to go h.a.m. with pastels.

happy friday and happy easter!

p.s. for those who don't know h.a.m. stands for hard as a motherf*cker.  i use it a lot.  loves it.

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