Monday, April 30, 2012

And I'm Back

AJD and i made it back from washington, d.c. today.  it was an amazing trip and full recaps will come later in the week.  For now i'm enjoying my last night of vacation.

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Who Hates Packing? I do! I do!

mini vacation!  wahoo!  packing for said  i hate packing.  it doesn't matter if i underpack or overpack, i always get to my destination and never have what i want to wear.  i haven't gotten very far yet in the packing department, so i'm off.

p.s. AJD and i will be making the big trek to washington, d.c. tomorrow.  all my friday love the week goes towards our mini vacation.  no blog post needed.  see you on monday!

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Go B's

tonight is game seven for the bruins.  i'll be highly disappointed if this doesn't happen at the end of the game:
image from

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oh Snap

the self imposed shopping ban is going to have to be lifted prior to june 15th to take advantage of this glorious card i received in the mail today.
p.s. i know i said i wouldn't talk about jcrew, but it's 50 free bones to my favorite store!  i'm squealing.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Pink Lady

guess what?  i finally took some outfit photos with my good camera and not with my droid.  hallelujah.  please disregard my terribly frizzy hair.  we had some wet and humid conditions on the commute today.  it was also deathly hot in my office all day.  i finally realized that i should turn on my ac to stop sweating.  too little too late.

pink blazer and polka dot shirt:; black skinnies:; nine west nude heels:; burberry watch:; earrings: gift

if you follow me on twitter, you'll know that i didn't wear the nude heels to work.  just picture this exact outfit with peep toe black heels.  i also rocked some tretorn wellies on my commute which let me tell you, are oh so stylish.  

also, you may be wondering to yourself, do i realize that i posted four of the essentially same picture?  well look a little closer.  four pictures.  four different poses.  taking pictures in a mirror is one of the most awkward things ever.  try to do it.  you rarely look good.  i think the third picture down with the crossed legs in my favorite.  i can't remember which celebrity said it, but on the red carpet, one lady said this is her signature pose because crossing your legs makes you look more narrow.  well, don't mind if i do steal your red carpet pose for my awkward mirror outfit pictures.

p.s. i tried smiling in some of the pictures, but i looked like a crazy freakshow person.  my goal for my next outfit post will be to add in a smile.  baby steps.

Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Love

image from
free people's lace sailor tank.  combining two of my favorite current trends (lace and stripes) together.  yes please.
image from
carey mulligan and marcus mumford.  these two are allegedly getting married in england this weekend.  i loves me some mumford and sons and even though at first i wasn't the biggest fan of this pairing, the fact that they were pen pals growing up makes me smile.  friday love to their alleged wedding.
image from
green nail polish.  i haven't rocked green nail polish since high school (mountaineer colors were green and white), but i came across this picture and there was immediate love.  it could be the leftover love from my new lime skirt, but regardless, friday love.
image from
west elm.  if you haven't checked out west elm, i highly recommend.  i've bought multiple duvets, blankets, and dishes from here and am a big fan of it all.  they have affordable prices and tons of great patterns for every room in your house.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Can't Stop Won't Stop

i realize that it's been jcrew overload this week on the blog, so i promise this will be my last post on jcrew for awhile.  jcrew's spring and summer collections have been super on point for my preppy style.  since i just went nuts shopping at jcrew, i won't be picking any of these pieces up for a long time, but new arrivals hit the web today and they were too pretty not to share.
all images from

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Celts Kid!

image from
i'm heading to the celtics game tonight with AJD and my parents.  i hope kevin garnett bites someone.  he always looks like he's one step away from chomping down.  go celtics.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Outfit of the Day: Lime!

as i mentioned yesterday, i not only picked up a jcrew number two pencil skirt in kelly green, but also in lime green.  here's a nice blurry phone pic (where the skirt looks more yellow than lime) for you to enjoy:
please disregard my wet hair that I hadn't dried yet since i was running uber late, as well as my flip flops.  as i've mentioned before, my work shoes live under my desk at work, plus walking to the t is much more comfy in flops than in heels.  i'm also wearing my new lace collared jcrew shirt and it was light and soft on this unseasonably hot day.

bosslady at work was a huge fan of the skirt, plus some random woman in the hallway on the way to lunch, so two compliments = outfit success.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Weekend Haul

i went shopping after work on friday.  the purpose of the shopping trip was to buy a dress for one of the weddings i am attending this summer.  i was on the hunt for a lightweight/nautical/more casual dress for a wedding that is being held on thompson island in boston harbor.  i found the perfect one:
image from
it's a simple navy and white striped dress with buttons down the back.  it will be perfect for the occasion.  unfortunately though, my shopping problem kicked in and i picked up a few more items from jcrew, but in my defense, they were all on sale.
image from
i've been lusting after green bottoms and jcrew's number 2 pencil skirts for awhile now.  i actually ended up getting two.  i only took this kelly green color into the dressing room with me, but when i asked for a smaller size to compare, katie from jcrew brought me in this color and a lime green color.  i couldn't resist.  the sale was too awesome, as was the lime green color. 

image from
i also picked up a perfect tee in navy.  it was on super duper sale and i spilled olive oil on my other navy tshirt so it was a no brainer.  if you haven't tried jcrew's perfect shirts, i highly recommend.  they're really durable and they come in a variety of colors and styles.

image from
this is a little hard to see, but this black lace collared shirt was so soft and inviting, i had to get it.  i can't wait to wear it with both of my new pencil skirts.  again, it was on super duper sale, so i didn't feel bad.
image from
then i made the mistake of heading to the gap.  this resulted in more green bottoms being purchased.  unfortunately these were not on sale, but weren't overly pricey.  they're a more relaxed fit and i opted for a size up then i normally wear in gap to make them extra slouchey.  so. comfortable.
image from
the last piece i also picked up from the gap which is this basic navy and white striped tee.  i paired it on saturday with my new slouchy green pants and got multiple compliments.  as i said before, compliments to me = outfit success.

now i'm on a shopping ban to get ready for AJD and my upcoming trips: washington, d.c., nyc, austin, tx, and san antonio, tx.  it's going to be a busy april and may.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Friday Love

image from
loren hope jewelry.  i've been on the hunt for a colorful statement necklace.  i love how bold and sophisticated this one is without being super large.  loren hope jewelry is a little on the pricey side, but the pieces are really beautiful.
image from
one direction.  i loves me a good boy band.  one direction has all the sweet bubblegum looks and catchy lyrics that i just can't resist.  their hit jam "what makes you beautiful" has invaded my ipod this week and i've been listening to it on repeat while running.  love.
the boston bruins.  playoff hockey has begun and the bruins won their first playoff game of the year last night in overtime.  the above bruins' ad campaign for the last two seasons has been spot on.  have to give some friday love to the bear.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Meet My Closet

feel free to look around...
the answer you're looking for is, yes i cleaned the whole closet to take these pictures.
no, i wasn't ahead of the neon trend.  that bright lime paper bag i think is from 2006 and it houses all my winter hats, gloves, and mittens.
at least my wardrobe is colorful.
please note the well folded second level.  yet it is very hard to pull exactly what i want down without having entire piles fall on my head.
please note that all my work appropriate shoes live underneath my desk at work.  good thing too because they can't fit on this shoe rack.

as you can see, my closet is pretty neat, but when you actually look, it's a giant mess (p.s. we're focusing on my side.  as you can see AJD wears a lot of blue and keeps his side quite organized).  since the weather this "winter" (i use that term loosely) has been crazy, my closet has lost its mind.  the week of random 80 degree days really set it over the edge.  now various seasons of every kind of clothing are mixed together.  there's no rhyme or reason as to where things are hung.  the only thing that stood true throughout this past season is the types of clothes have remained separated from one another.  for that, i commend myself, but only slightly.

AJD and i are blessed with enough closet space in our one bedroom palace.  this is by far the largest closet i've ever had in my life.  it definitely gets the job done, but i can't help having serious closet envy.
the first picture is pretty much my dream closet.  the perfect mix of open space, drawers, rods, and shelves.  i do have hope that one day i can have a closet as awesome as the first picture.  i have to be realistic though, and the second closet, which i'm still pretty envious of, is actually from ikea, and thus attainable.  it all comes down to the next place i live in.  hopefully i can pull off picture number one, but if not, i have picture number two and ikea to help me come as close as i can.

hopefully this weekend, i'm going to tackle fixing my existing closet.  most of the changes will come in the form of different organization and clothes donations.  i hope to transition from plastic hangers to big girl wood hangers, but depending on price that may be an ongoing process.  i'll take pictures of the final product once i'm done.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

I Want These.

image from
image from
another day, another item (or seven) being added to my gap wishlist.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Rants and Raves

big news this week from ann taylor loft.  they're now offering up the option for customer reviews on their website.
image from
i think customer reviews are super important especially for this gal over here who does a lot of online shopping.  usually there are random way out there reviews, which is to be expected, but for the most part, customer reviews really give you a much better idea on the fit and quality when shopping online.  

i realize that loft just started reviews this week, but if they want to know how to really do it, they should check out  anthropologie hands down has the most helpful reviews.  their site also gives customers the option to post pictures of themselves in the clothes, which i think is most helpful.  the pictures of models or mannequins are often photoshopped to death plus not all of us are blessed with the body of a model.  the pictures that are posted in the review section are normal people, usually taking quick cell phone pics in the fitting room.  even though they're not super high quality pictures, you get a way better idea on how an item is going to fit on a real body.

Monday, April 9, 2012

peter cottontail

hope everyone had a great weekend!  i spent easter going to brunch at AJD mom's house and then we headed to my parents house for the afternoon/evening.  so unlike most holidays, we only had two gigantic meals instead of the usual three.  the main dish at both spots was HAM!  weird side story: when i was younger i would only eat ham and butter sandwiches.  the idea of eating that now makes me throw up in my mouth a little.  i literally would not eat any other cold cut or condiment, just ham and butter.  good thing i still love ham.
and just to get your week off to a grand start, take a quick looksee at the cutest couple i know:
how incredibly cute are my grandparents?!

Friday, April 6, 2012

Friday Love

image from
lace tops.  i've seen a lot of ladies busting these out lately in boston.  underneath blazers for work and then rocking lace without the blazer for after work drinks.  so soft and sophisticated.
the kentucky wildcats men's basketball team.  for the third straight year, my bracket has trumped AJD's resulting in a free dinner at the destination of my choice.  i was down by one point going into the finals, but kentucky winning set me over the edge.  my wallet and my stomach give you friday love.
image from
my gap pink blazer.  i've been jonesing to wear this since i bought it and discussed it in this post.  i figure easter is the perfect time to go h.a.m. with pastels.

happy friday and happy easter!

p.s. for those who don't know h.a.m. stands for hard as a motherf*cker.  i use it a lot.  loves it.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

well hellooooooooooo blogger

sorry about the quick blog break this week.  i blame the juice.  my juice fast lasted 24 hours.  my body essentially rejected the juice fast in more ways than one.  i'm not going to get into too many details, but i felt straight up awful monday night, but i vowed to see how i felt in the morning.  well my alarm went off on tuesday and it took all my strength to not vomit the entire time i was getting ready for work.  i just felt terrible, so solid food went into my mouth.  it was glorious, except all i could handle was toast because my stomach was a huge mess.  more after effects for a few more days, but i'm pretty much back to my old self (now three days back on solids).  AJD lasted a little while longer with zero effects, but he ended up having to go out to dinner with some clients and eating solid food, so his juice fast ended early as well.  there will be no more juice fasts in my future.

the best thing that's happened to me so far this week is instagram entering my life.
image from
if you don't know about instagram, basically it's an iphone app that allows you to take pictures and then doctor them to look differently (ie black and white, different shading, etc.).  most people wouldn't count this as the best thing to happen to them in a week, but i legit wanted to trade in my droid for an iphone for the sole purpose of having instagram.  now it's available for droid as well, so my world has been rocked.  the other thing about instagram is that you can follow people similar to blogger, twitter, facebook, etc.  so if you're down with instagram, please feel free to follow me at njeane13.

speaking of following, please feel free to pass my blog onto any and all of your friends and family and ask them to follow.  as AJD says, "you better start making money off this blog soon, i want to be a stay at home boyfriend."  making money is not even on my radar with this blog, but gaining new followers literally makes me squeal.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Juicy Juice

AJD and i decided to embark on 5 day juice cleanse starting today.  i gave myself the ability to eat one serving of actual fruit as well.  so far, it's beyond awful.  breakfast was totally fine, but then lunch, not chewing, really bothered me.  i tried to hold out until around 2 pm to have my serving of un-juiced fruit but i made it to 1:30.  i also drank a TON of water.  i literally had to stop drinking water an hour before my afternoon meeting cause i couldn't make it 15 minutes without having to pee so badly.  i also was afraid that i wouldn't make it home on the train without wetting myself.  so. much. water.

throughout the day the cleanse, for me, has been shortened to a 3 day goal.  after talking to AJD, who isn't as bothered as me by day 1, we've decided to see how we feel tomorrow morning when we wake up.  both of us have no problems having a juice for breakfast, but i think i need solid food.  maybe this would be better if i didn't have to sit at a desk all day, but i literally sit and think about food.  i can't concentrate.  i feel like i'm in slow motion.  i realize it's only day 1 and i may be giving up too early, but i love food too much i think.  i was doing this to try and jump start a more healthy eating schedule.  i really need to work on portion control.  AJD recently bought us a food scale.  i can definitely use that to control my portions.

this could be the juice talking, but earlier in the day i wanted a cheeseburger, burrito, and filet mignon simultaneously.  now i just want to chew.  i tried gum, but it's just not doing it for me.

we'll see how i feel in the morning.