Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Racing Stripes

first day of spring = work bag changeover.  what's work bag changeover you ask?  well, i'm the type of gal who has one bag that i carry to work.  i don't change my work bag based on what i'm wearing.  i tried this when i first got out of college and it was just way too much effort.  plus, i would constantly miss things when i changed my bag and then i'd reach for my chapstick and aw shoot it's in my other bag.  nowadays, i have three work bags: fall, winter, and hot weather.  i've been rocking a black leather bag to carry back and forth to the j-o-b, but as of tomorrow this is what i'll be carrying:

this puppy is from jcrew factory store.  i picked her up 30% off plus free shipping.  sweet deals all around.  i love the bright green racing stripe...oh so hot right now (hansel is so hot right now).  i don't require much when it comes to a work bag.  my only requirements are that the shoulder strap is long enough, but not too long (you know what i mean), have at least one small pocket for my phone, gum, and chapstick, and it has to be able to fit my lunch plus the usual stuff in it comfortably.  my hot weather bag also can't be leather.  nothing worse than being smushed onto a hot t with your leather bag sticking to your upper arm.  happy first day of spring/work bag changeover!

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  1. sneakily buying more stuff? not cool.