Monday, March 12, 2012

Maine and Food.

i promised a wrap up of my weekend in maine this past weekend, but that obviously didn't happen, so you have to settle for a monday night post.

maine was so great.  we got to portland, checked into our hotel and headed out to grab some eats and drinks before the black keys.  we only had an hour, so we headed to ri ra and enjoyed some delish sammiches and good old maine brews.  allagash for me and baxter for AJD.  then we walked in the freezing cold (i forgot how much colder maine is than massachusetts) to the venue which was less than a mile walk.  the cumberland civic center is maine's version of the garden.  it's more like a really large high school hockey rink.  it was grimey and gritty and i felt perfect for the black keys.  

the black keys were superb as i knew they would be.  they played old and new songs and just rocked it out through one encore.  this cell phone pic i snapped during the opening song "howlin' for you."
after the show, we were quite parched and headed to three dollar deweys for some frosty adult beverages.  it was low key and a perfect way to wind down from the concert.

the next morning we walked around the old port before heading to marcy's diner for a nice greasy breakfast.  super eggs/toast/bacon, etc.  exactly what we were looking for.

after filling our stomachs, AJD and i headed out to cape elizabeth to the portland head light and fort williams park.  it was such a beautiful day, so i'll let the pictures tell the story.
tonight i tried a new recipe that i found on the blog  it is a healthier version of everyone's favorite beef and broccoli.  i usually screw something up when i try a recipe for the first time, but not this one.  it was quick and easy and so delicious.  it even got AJD's stamp of approval.  he was quite nervous that one of the ingredients was oyster sauce since he despises all seafood, but after i swore he wouldn't be disappointed he dove in head first and was an immediate fan.  i can't wait to try out more recipes from her blog, so make sure you go check her out.

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