Monday, March 19, 2012

Jump! Jump!

this weekend AJD and i went and saw 21 jump street.  i love me some channing tatum and jonah hill.  channing is a super fox, plus i've loved him since the cinematic masterpiece known as step up.  pair him up with jonah hill and you've got the most unexpected comedy duo of the season.  i like that neither of them take themselves seriously.  on a recent episode of ellen, jonah was talking about how the paparazzi took pictures of them swimming in australia and put a caption on the picture saying that jonah was drowning.  jonah described this as "i was just being drunk and awesome."  amazing.  the movie made me laugh out loud on multiple occasions and to me, that's a successful comedy.  the fact that jonah cowrote the script, and channing and jonah were both executive producers was pretty impressive.  all in all i suggest you check it out if you like inappropriate humor.

up this weekend at the movies:
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excited is an understatement.  team gale.

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