Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Impromptu Date Night

last night, i ended up having to work way later than usual, aka around the time AJD usually wraps up his work day.  since we were both in the city, we took full advantage by eating a delicious dinner out.  we headed to the north end and perused a few menus of places we'd never been, but it was superrrrrrr nice out last night so instead we headed to a personal favorite of ours, bacco
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if you've never heard of or been to bacco, you have to go on a nice day.  all those beautiful windows open (as they were last night) and the food is divine.  we didn't want to get weighed down with heavy pasta so we had delicious bread with delicious dipping oil, delicious refreshing adult beverages, and split some delicious appetizers.  moral of the story, it is a delicious place.

p.s. if you don't live in boston, feel free to enjoy the movie the town.  when the group robs a bank in the north end, it takes place right outside of bacco.  you can see the name on the side of the building.  in real life there's no bank there, but it's the movies, so just pretend.

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