Thursday, March 8, 2012

I'm Cutting Myself Off

full report on maine coming up this weekend (preview: it was awesome), but first just a quick shopping update.  AJD and i stopped at the kittery outlets on the way home and just an fyi, the jcrew factory store in kittery, maine is to die for.  so big and beautiful, i couldn't resist.  i only bought one skirt and some flip flops so i didn't go too crazy, but i'm cutting myself off.  no jcrew or banana or gap for awhile.  i'm ready for spring and summer.  i have enough clothes.  AJD is going to freak out if i take over any more of the closet.  but, in the meantime, take a looksee at my new skirt and flip flops (aren't they purdy):
image from
image from

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