Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Love

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new framed photo for my office of tulip fields in the netherlands by adam jones.  this beaute brightens up my office and reminds me of something i want to see in person in my lifetime.  tulip fields in the netherlands.  love.
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iceland.  so i was watching real world/road rules challenge (i can't stop. so much drama) and the final challenge is in iceland.  definitely reminded me how much i would love to travel there.  i'd even brave the negative temperatures to see it in winter.
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cherry blossoms in washington, d.c.  AJD and i are heading to d.c. in april and we had hoped to catch the blooming trees.  unfortunately due to this year's crazy weather, they bloomed super early and will most likely be gone by the time we get there.  so if you're in the d.c. area, go give the blossoms some friday love for me.
mad men.  i know i've been talking up the hunger games all week, so here's some major friday love for season five of mad men premiering sunday night.  i can't wait to swoon over the clothes and mr. roger sterling.

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