Thursday, March 29, 2012

Collars and Lettuce Wraps

last night i headed out with two of my lovely followers for restaurant week at strega in the north end in boston.  none of us had ever been there, so we made a reservation to check it out.  there's always a wait and i always thought it was pricey.  i was quite wrong on the latter.  it's pretty normally priced for the north end, so much so, that none of us got anything off the restaurant menu.  we opted for regular menu items.  we had 2 bottles of chianti (it was delicious and went down quite easy).  the food on the other hand was nothing over the top special.  there was nothing wrong with it, but it wasn't stop traffic good (as other north end restaurants are).  the waiter, silvio, was spectacular.  he even has his own business cards.  how many waiters do you know that have business cards?  so far, i know one.  his name is silvio and he gives out free shots which i can fully support.  moral of the story on strega is it's a place i'm glad i tried, but i don't foresee myself returning.

now to some fun stuff.  tonight for dinner i tried another recipe from my fave recipe blog, iowa girl eats.  it was super easy and delicious and got two thumbs up from AJD.  you may remember i tried another one of her recipes, so the score is now 2 for iowa girl, 0 for the rest of the internet.

i also made some guacamole because i can't resist making it when there are avocado's in the apartment, and i plan to use the leftover guac on another recipe tomorrow night.
avocado's literally turn into guacamole in our apartment, it can't resist.  i didn't have any jalapenos so i added a little extra cayenne and as a result this batch is spicy and definitely has an extra kick.

and finally, i sported one of my fave work shirts today.  it's from a couple seasons ago from anthropologie and i just love the neckline/collar.  it brings the eye right to the collar, no jewelry required. plus it's a bright orangey/red hue.

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  1. mm that looks delish! I'm going to try that next week.