Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Update

a few new things have made it into my closet this weekend besides shoes:
image from
image from
the bright pink ponte blazer from the gap was on my wish list last week.  clearly it didn't stay on my wish list very long.  it sold out online and then i freaked out and bought it full price in store.  i did use a mini gift card but it still was more than i was looking to spend.  on top of that i bought this polka dotted shirt from the gap as well.  it is fantabulous.  silky, but not made of silk (aka no dry cleaning required wahoo).  it also was not on sale, but i lost my mind and bought it full price as well.  sometimes i get really excited while shopping and go a little crazy.

imagine the cropped pants from banana republic in black, not gray.  they're no longer available online in black (hence the gray pant picture) but there were tons of sizes available in store.  the banana was having 25% off full price items when i went yesterday, so these i got on sale like a champ.  

putting these three pieces together into an outfit will be uber trendy.  AJD likes to call me fancy, not trendy.  trendy or fancy, can't stop won't stop.

and finally, today is superbowl sunday.  holy cannoli the patriots better win.  if they lose to the giants i'm going to be legit depressed.  i'm banking on aaron hernandez having a stellar game.  i want to see a recreation of this photo hopefully a couple times during the game:
image from
go patriots.

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