Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day Swag

i had a super solid long weekend.  good times every day.  friday night, i did a little shopping to use some coupons and take advantage of the president's day sales.  i got a sweater, tank, and bracelet from banana republic, and some black skinnies and a long sleeve stripe shirt from ann taylor.  all on sale and using a whole lot of coupons.
after my little shopping excursion, i headed to meet AJD and some friends at market.  it was a fun bar in the financial district.  we had some drinks and laughs and then AJD and i headed to cambridge brew co. for dinner.  we sat outside during our short wait by the outdoor fire and enjoyed some beers.  then we had a super dinner before heading home.

saturday we headed to my parents house to celebrate my grandfathers 88th birthday.  we had awesome steaks, potatoes, and veggies.  all around great night.

sunday, involved relaxing in the morning and then heading to marblehead for some thanksgiving eats.  we had a random turkey dinner, watched the bruins game and then headed to a local bar for some drinks.  i may have slightly over indulged and woke up around 4 am thinking i wanted to die, but i finally got back to sleep after the spins subsided and then surprisingly i actually could function by 10 am.

monday, AJD and i headed down to dirty prov for the afternoon.  we had delicious sammy's at geoff's, gave AJD a tour of pc, and then headed up to the thayer street area to walk around and look at houses that we can't afford, and of course get a gigantic meeting street cafe cookie.  these cookies are bigger than most people's heads so we've been enjoying it for the rest of the day.  mmm cookies.  boo work tomorrow.

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