Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lock it Up

it's almost the start of wedding season.  AJD and i received our first save the date for the (i think) four weddings we will be attending this summer/fall.  it got me thinking about what else: what i'm going to wear!  i really am going to try to only buy one new dress and rewear dresses i already own to the other three.  the problem is that i tend to take a lot of pictures at weddings and then i feel boring rewearing a dress and taking a boatload of pictures in it for round two.  anywho, i randomly perused the jcrew website and saw this dress which would be perfecto at a summer wedding:
image from
unfortunately it's $298 which is waaaaaaaaay out of my price range.  maybe it will go on insane sale and somehow still be available in my size.  a girl can dream right?

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