Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Love

a lot of the blogs i follow have weekly posts that they do every week on the same day of the week, so i am following in my blogger forefathers footsteps and am going to start a series called friday love.  i'll post what i'm loving in a particular week.  this could include celebritites, clothes, trends, or random things that i've been thinking about and wanting to do.  today is the first installment so get excited.

but first, i have a small rant.  i love chelsea handler.  i love her books and i love chelsea lately.  i stay up most nights to watch it.  i know a lot of people don't like her, but she flat out is the best at making fun of celebrities.  my favorite thing about her is that if she makes fun of a celebrity and then they're a guest on her show, she doesn't pretend to be all nice, she'll bring up how she made fun of them in the past (ex: find her interview with leann rimes on youtube, it is the most uncomfortably hysterical interview ever.  chelsea clearly isn't a fan of leann and leann is so nervous on her show it's a delight to watch from the outside).  anywho, last night tyler perry was on the show.  besides diary of a mad black woman, tyler perry's movies don't do it for me, but he has a new movie to promote so whatevs.  my issue with tyler perry is he claims he watches no tv and knows nothing about celebrities.  in the interview he was discussing how he hired kim kardashian for a small part in his next movie which is all about marriage.  apparently this outraged his twitter followers due to kim's divorce which had just hit the airwaves.  tyler claimed he knew nothing about kim or her divorce and that other people working on the movie told him to hire her and he just went with it and she did a great job.  i call major bullshit tyler perry.  you're a celebrity, you heard about kim kardashian's divorce.  literally the entire universe knew about her divorce.  also if you're trying to cast new people in movies, why don't you watch tv.  newsflash, you could find new actors for your movies and tv shows if you broaden your search to tv stars.  maybe this is my obsession with tv ranting, but come on tyler, get off  your private jet once in awhile and turn on the tube.

now time for some friday love.

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1. any kind of bright green bottoms.  pants, shorts, skirts, whatever you choose works for me.  paired with navy stripes is my favorite.
2. michael kors tortoise shell watches.  i'm in the market for a gold watch and i've been obsessed with these gold/tortoise shell watches.  one day it will be mine.
3. i want to go to london.  maybe it's because AJD and i had seriously thought about a trip to london this spring or maybe it's all the pictures from london fashion week, but i've been jonesing to hop across the pond.  unfortunately it's not happening this spring, but it doesn't mean a girl can't dream.
4. joseph gordon-levitt.  maybe it's because 500 days of summer has been on tv nonstop recently.  maybe it's his skinny ties.  maybe it's my 13 year old self still having a crush on him from 3rd rock from the sun.  maybe it's the fact that he sometimes sings in french.  whatever it is, jgl deserves some friday love.

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