Friday, February 10, 2012

And I'm Baaaaaaaaack

this week has been rough.  minimal blog posts as a result.  yes rough, but in a good way.  i've basically been a party animal all week and since i'm an old lady at the same time, i literally would come home and go to bed and neglect the blog.  so get ready for a week wrap up.

on wednesday i headed out with miss welles for a fancy dinner date at the met bar and grill on newbury street.  we had both seen the met on phantom gourmet and had wanted to check it out.  it has multiple locations but in my personal opinion the newbury street locale was over the top fancy.  the only way i can describe it is unnecessarily fancy.  yes i know it's on newbury street so it automatically has to be on the fancier side, but based on the phantom gourmet episode they did not make it seem that way.  regardless it's really fancy and pretty inside and it's gigantic.  multiple floor and multiple bars and multiple dining areas.  not going to lie i got really confused on how to get back to the table from the bathroom.  anywho, we got grilled artichoke to start which came with what appeared to be olive oil and some form of herbed mayo.  overall was a let down.  not a lot of meat on the artichokes and the two dipping options were just odd.  we both got the chopped salad as our entree which was good but not anything great.  it's on the pricier side so i don't think i'd return for dinner but the drinks were well mixed and tasty so i might come back just to enjoy the nice atmosphere and have some adult beverages.

last night AJD and i met up with my parental unit and went to the celtics/lakers game.  good times all around except the small fact that the celtics lost in overtime by one point.  major bummer.  seriously winning boston teams are way better than losing teams.  let's turn this around.  here's some photos i snapped with my phone:
i hadn't seen the 2011 bruins banner and she's a beaute.  we sat in the premium seats and outside the sections there are pictures all the way around the garden.  our seats were in the bruins section so we got to check out the new additions to the photos.

happy weekend!

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  1. happy weekend is right!! I've got to get to a C's game.. and It's time to look forward to a Red Sox season soon! woot woot! went out with the fam last night to a place by Eric's.. it was so much fun, so nice to have Dave back safe :) thanks for that comment BTW ;) hehe. Have a good weekend!