Wednesday, February 29, 2012

You've Got Mail

remember chain emails on aol?  well my mom still hearts chain emails.  i’ve told her multiple times that if she sends them to me i will not open them, but this does not stop my mom.  i was checking out one of my new blogs today and saw that the writer from (yes she’s ridiculously good looking) posted answers to a few questions that just screamed aol chain emails at me so i couldn’t resist swapping out her answers for my own

age: 28 (for 6 more months thank goodness)
bedsize: queen city
chores that you hate: mopping (so that is one of AJD’s chores)
dogs: 2 of the greatest golden retrievers a girl could ask for, gus and jenny aka augustus and genevieve (no really, those are their legal names) (they live with the parental unit)
essential start to your day: as much sleep as i can get 
favorite color: navy blue
gold or Silver: silver
height: 5 feet 9 inches
instruments you play: piano, flute, piccolo, oboe.  i’m a one woman band
job title: research administrator
kids: not quite on my radar yet
live: massachusetts
mother's name: nancy aka the nance
nicknames: b, beezer, natabee, nat, natalia, yeahnat
overnight hospital stays: 2 spinal taps in third grade were loads o’fun
pet peeves: loud chewers, people without bus etiquette, when people don’t pronounce h’s at the beginning of words (ex: huge, herbs)
quote from a movie or tv show: “i gave her my heart, and she gave me a pen.” – lloyd dobler; “treat yo self.” – tom haverford
right or lefty:  righty
siblings: one older sister
time you wake up:  alarm goes off at 6:45, i get up anywhere between 7:03 and 7:12 depending on how many times i push snooze
underwear:  fully support it
vegetable you hate: mushrooms
what makes you run late: wanting to sleep more
x-Rays you've had: most recently of my neck when i was exhibiting my gymnastics prowess and took a tumble
yummy food you make: pumpkin chocolate chip cookies
zoo animal: giraffes and elephants (can’t choose, don’t make me decide)

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Murder She Wrote, Murder She Wrote

i'm over the oscar dresses.  after i did my blog post last night i checked out pictures from the elton john oscar viewing party and the vanity fair after oscars party and the models were straight KILLING it on the red carpet.  yeah i know they're models and it's their job to look good, but i think they went above and beyond.

irina shayk (this is some leg i can get behind):
image from
bar refaeli (might be the best looking human being ever created):
image from
rosie huntington-whiteley (and a little jason statham thrown in):
image from
brooklyn decker (simple and sophisticated):
image from
and a little sofia vergara thrown in cause she's such a hottie:
image from

Monday, February 27, 2012

The Big Show

here we go.  oscars 2012 recap.  overall i was really disappointed with the dresses.  there was no one that i flat out loved.  yes, some people looked good, but no one super over the top great in my opinion.  i also thought that there were people who i didn't like, but no one who was seriously terrible.  so without further ado here are my thoughts:

tie for best dress: jessica chastain (the help) and milla jovovitch
image from
jessica's dress appeared very indian-inspired and i thought it looked great with her skin tone.  she also won in my opinion for best jewelry.  she was wearing yellow diamond drop earrings with a matching ring.  it was over $2 million in bling and it looked amazing with the dress.
milla was one of the first people i saw on the red carpet and i thought she looked beautiful.  overall dress, hair, and makeup were great in my book.

tie for worst dress: shailene woodley (the descendents) and stacy keibler
image from
oh shailene, why do you try to look so old.  you are a hottie with a body, show it off (or at the very least show your arms girl).  just totally wrong for her in my opinion.
image from
stacy, stacy, stacy.  really, you looks good in everything.  you're tall, toned, and purdy.  but this was just all wrong.  the giant flower right on your hip, the fabric was cheap looking, not a win in my book.  you're with arguably the best looking man on the red carpet, don't try to outshine him.

and finally here are some random thoughts that i wrote down during the red carpet show:

okay gwyneth, you're not a super hero, lose the cape.  without the cape, the dress is pretty but not dressy enough for the oscars.

dear brad pitt, get a hair cut for the love of god.

sandra bullock's dress looks loosey goosey and illy fitted.  her face on the other hand is looking extra tight.

natalie portman, you have dropped way down on my lesbian crush list.  there's nothing wrong with the polka dots, but it just doesn't scream oscar dress to me.

ryan seacrest is so pissed at the dictator.  highlight of the red carpet.

emma stone.  giant bow.  why?

octavia spencer looks pretty but her dress ages her.  

dear rooney mara, lose the bangs and stop dying your hair the color of shoe polish.  also your dress looks like fake spiderwebs up close.

leslie mann, you are so purdy in navy.

mya rudolph, pretty hair, pretty bird.

hello viola davis' boobies.

berenice bejo, pretty lady, icky dress.

ellie kemper, i heart you, but why is your hair and dress the same color?

melissa mccarthy, pretty hair, pretty bird.

michelle williams can pull off the mini skirt over the dress but it's just not doing it for me.

hello bradley cooper and your child molester-looking mustache.

angelina, eat a cheeseburger or wear sleeves, your elbows give me nightmares.

the dudes that made fun of angelina's leg pose were spectacular.

Saturday, February 25, 2012

Fly New Threads

tonight i'm heading to a party to wish AJD's brother well as he leaves next month for basic training.  to mark the occasion, i am debuting an entire new outfit of fly new threads i picked up over president's day weekend.

sweater and tank from banana republic and black pants from ann taylor.  all the pieces are super comfortable and as AJD calls it, super fancy.

happy saturday!

Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Love

a lot of the blogs i follow have weekly posts that they do every week on the same day of the week, so i am following in my blogger forefathers footsteps and am going to start a series called friday love.  i'll post what i'm loving in a particular week.  this could include celebritites, clothes, trends, or random things that i've been thinking about and wanting to do.  today is the first installment so get excited.

but first, i have a small rant.  i love chelsea handler.  i love her books and i love chelsea lately.  i stay up most nights to watch it.  i know a lot of people don't like her, but she flat out is the best at making fun of celebrities.  my favorite thing about her is that if she makes fun of a celebrity and then they're a guest on her show, she doesn't pretend to be all nice, she'll bring up how she made fun of them in the past (ex: find her interview with leann rimes on youtube, it is the most uncomfortably hysterical interview ever.  chelsea clearly isn't a fan of leann and leann is so nervous on her show it's a delight to watch from the outside).  anywho, last night tyler perry was on the show.  besides diary of a mad black woman, tyler perry's movies don't do it for me, but he has a new movie to promote so whatevs.  my issue with tyler perry is he claims he watches no tv and knows nothing about celebrities.  in the interview he was discussing how he hired kim kardashian for a small part in his next movie which is all about marriage.  apparently this outraged his twitter followers due to kim's divorce which had just hit the airwaves.  tyler claimed he knew nothing about kim or her divorce and that other people working on the movie told him to hire her and he just went with it and she did a great job.  i call major bullshit tyler perry.  you're a celebrity, you heard about kim kardashian's divorce.  literally the entire universe knew about her divorce.  also if you're trying to cast new people in movies, why don't you watch tv.  newsflash, you could find new actors for your movies and tv shows if you broaden your search to tv stars.  maybe this is my obsession with tv ranting, but come on tyler, get off  your private jet once in awhile and turn on the tube.

now time for some friday love.

image from
1. any kind of bright green bottoms.  pants, shorts, skirts, whatever you choose works for me.  paired with navy stripes is my favorite.
2. michael kors tortoise shell watches.  i'm in the market for a gold watch and i've been obsessed with these gold/tortoise shell watches.  one day it will be mine.
3. i want to go to london.  maybe it's because AJD and i had seriously thought about a trip to london this spring or maybe it's all the pictures from london fashion week, but i've been jonesing to hop across the pond.  unfortunately it's not happening this spring, but it doesn't mean a girl can't dream.
4. joseph gordon-levitt.  maybe it's because 500 days of summer has been on tv nonstop recently.  maybe it's his skinny ties.  maybe it's my 13 year old self still having a crush on him from 3rd rock from the sun.  maybe it's the fact that he sometimes sings in french.  whatever it is, jgl deserves some friday love.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mama Mia Maria

image from
today i started reading maria menounos' newish book.  it's basically her take on how to organize and make your life better so you can live your life to the fullest.  yes, i realize this is a super random book choice, but i follow her on twitter and people are always tweeting about how great the book is so i got curious.
i'm only about a quarter of the way through, but the first chapter was rough.  maria writes about how you need to organize your home.  once i got past thinking this chick is in serious need of an ocd specialist, it has become a better read.  the next couple chapters focused on decorating and refurbishing things in your house.  i seriously now really want a house to decorate because girlfriend did have some good tips.  
the main reason i'm reading this book is, well, maria is from the town next to where i live and i don't really know her story.  also because apparently she lost 40 pounds in her 20's and has kept them off.  i'm always curious how people accomplish things like that.  yes, she's semi-famous now, but she's not that famous and her fame is pretty recent, so i doubt she had the moola to hire a trainer, chef, etc. like most celebrities.
anywho, we'll see where the book goes from here and i'll report back. 

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Update City

remember when i bought uber long pants that needed to be hemmed?  and then remember when i bought a second pair a month ago and still hadn't got either hemmed?  well i finally did it and they're glorious!  i rocked a pair at work today with heels and there was no draggage of the pant legs on the ground.  success!

and remember how yesterday i mentioned enjoying a gigantic cookie from providence?  well here's the photographic evidence:
these cookies are out of control and amazing.  so worth every bite.

Monday, February 20, 2012

President's Day Swag

i had a super solid long weekend.  good times every day.  friday night, i did a little shopping to use some coupons and take advantage of the president's day sales.  i got a sweater, tank, and bracelet from banana republic, and some black skinnies and a long sleeve stripe shirt from ann taylor.  all on sale and using a whole lot of coupons.
after my little shopping excursion, i headed to meet AJD and some friends at market.  it was a fun bar in the financial district.  we had some drinks and laughs and then AJD and i headed to cambridge brew co. for dinner.  we sat outside during our short wait by the outdoor fire and enjoyed some beers.  then we had a super dinner before heading home.

saturday we headed to my parents house to celebrate my grandfathers 88th birthday.  we had awesome steaks, potatoes, and veggies.  all around great night.

sunday, involved relaxing in the morning and then heading to marblehead for some thanksgiving eats.  we had a random turkey dinner, watched the bruins game and then headed to a local bar for some drinks.  i may have slightly over indulged and woke up around 4 am thinking i wanted to die, but i finally got back to sleep after the spins subsided and then surprisingly i actually could function by 10 am.

monday, AJD and i headed down to dirty prov for the afternoon.  we had delicious sammy's at geoff's, gave AJD a tour of pc, and then headed up to the thayer street area to walk around and look at houses that we can't afford, and of course get a gigantic meeting street cafe cookie.  these cookies are bigger than most people's heads so we've been enjoying it for the rest of the day.  mmm cookies.  boo work tomorrow.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Magic Powers

This is what I wore today. I'm convinced this coat has magic powers because I received five separate compliments on it in one day. That's got to be a record. This is word for word my favorite compliment from today courtesy of the man sitting next to me on the silver line:
"That's a really nice coat. Excuse me did you hear me? I said that's a nice coat, but the world is still going to end."
Ah public transportation, you got to love it.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Mr. President

president's day weekend = long weekend for me + sales!  here's just a small jewelry wish list of bright and bold pieces that i've been jonesing for.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012


so for valentine's day, AJD started our night at the bruins game.  again another loss for a boston sports team.  seriously, i can't take much more.  so instead i took a picture of this picture that hangs at the garden from after they won the stanley cup last year.  happier times is what i'm focusing on.  awesome picture, terrible game last night.

after the game we headed to the ames hotel in boston for the night.  fun fact, the ames building was the first skyscraper in boston.  its a boutique style hotel and the rooms are really nice.  our valentine's day package came with a bottle of champagne and chocolate covered strawberries.  so after the bruins loss, i drowned my sorrows in some delicious bubbly.
AJD looked up the brand/price of the champagne and it was $30, so we took this to mean that we could drink the whole bottle and not be hungover for work today.  i will say i wasn't completely hungover, but i think that had more to do with the breakfast we had before we left.  the v-day package also included breakfast for two at woodward, the restaurant attached to ames.  super delish.  i was exhausted so no food picture happened.

and since i haven't been home in two days, we had a lot of mail.  one of the catalogs that came was for boden.  has anyone ever heard of and more importantly purchased anything from boden?  i've been getting this catalog for a couple years now and i literally want every piece of clothing in every catalog.  it's on the pricier side, but i would invest if i knew it was quality.  i'm also wondering about the sizing because boden describes itself as "beloved british clothing for women."  european sizing tends to be on the small size, so i'm curious if the clothes will be tiny, and thus it's really made me nervous about buying anything.

shout out to blog follower cally who is studying abroad in england.  if you can find someone who knows anything about this fine british clothing line, i would be forever grateful.  they have tall sizing too, so this could benefit you too!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Gentlemen Win!

i realize that the grammy's are not all about fashion like the other award shows, but i have to comment.  the fellas were looking good last night.  way more best dressed males than females.

shout out to detective finn from l and o (aka ice t) looking all handsome and stuff:
j. cole took his mama and was also looking good in all black:
my fave, mumford and sons looking cute in their vests per usual and super awkward and uncomfortable per usual on the red carpet.  love them:
best dressed for the ladies, got to give it up to rihanna.  girlfriend looked h-o-t-t hot (except her hair):
there were so many bad outfits that it is hard to choose just one.  there were also so many people on the red carpet who i had never heard of and who were not nominated for any awards.  for example: sasha gradiva, tugs, dmanti, and most important why was the crazy chick jade from america's next top model there?  apparently she's known as jade cole and homegirl did not look good.  tyra would not smize at her.

don't know who she is, but bonnie mckee is my worst dress pick:
image from
and finally, it was the year of adele, so i have to mention the lady of the night.  adele, in my opinion, is the best.  her voice is so beautiful and i can't wait for a new album from her.  i also watched my other love, anderson cooper, interview with her on 60 minutes before the grammy's, and if you haven't seen it, find it on youtube.  the interview will make you love adele (and anderson).  together they are beyond delightful.  i loved adele's performance/show dress more than her red carpet outfit.  the polka dots/lace and the exposed zipper on the dress during the show were a grand slam in my book, although i am missing her red hair.

p.s.  wikipedia has informed me that bonnie mckee released an unsuccessful album in 2004 but was at the grammy's because she wrote a bunch of katy perry's songs.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Say It Isn't So

i've always loved me some whitney.  girlfriend could sing.  she also was a total babe.  she had some rough times later in life, but here are four of my all time favorites:

Friday, February 10, 2012

And I'm Baaaaaaaaack

this week has been rough.  minimal blog posts as a result.  yes rough, but in a good way.  i've basically been a party animal all week and since i'm an old lady at the same time, i literally would come home and go to bed and neglect the blog.  so get ready for a week wrap up.

on wednesday i headed out with miss welles for a fancy dinner date at the met bar and grill on newbury street.  we had both seen the met on phantom gourmet and had wanted to check it out.  it has multiple locations but in my personal opinion the newbury street locale was over the top fancy.  the only way i can describe it is unnecessarily fancy.  yes i know it's on newbury street so it automatically has to be on the fancier side, but based on the phantom gourmet episode they did not make it seem that way.  regardless it's really fancy and pretty inside and it's gigantic.  multiple floor and multiple bars and multiple dining areas.  not going to lie i got really confused on how to get back to the table from the bathroom.  anywho, we got grilled artichoke to start which came with what appeared to be olive oil and some form of herbed mayo.  overall was a let down.  not a lot of meat on the artichokes and the two dipping options were just odd.  we both got the chopped salad as our entree which was good but not anything great.  it's on the pricier side so i don't think i'd return for dinner but the drinks were well mixed and tasty so i might come back just to enjoy the nice atmosphere and have some adult beverages.

last night AJD and i met up with my parental unit and went to the celtics/lakers game.  good times all around except the small fact that the celtics lost in overtime by one point.  major bummer.  seriously winning boston teams are way better than losing teams.  let's turn this around.  here's some photos i snapped with my phone:
i hadn't seen the 2011 bruins banner and she's a beaute.  we sat in the premium seats and outside the sections there are pictures all the way around the garden.  our seats were in the bruins section so we got to check out the new additions to the photos.

happy weekend!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Hanging with Mr. Cooper

image from 
this man's blue eyes and giggle brighten my afternoon everyday.  if you have dvr i want to stress that you should dvr anderson cooper's talk show and watch it when you get home from work.  he is just so delightful i can't stand it.  watch this from the 2:30 mark and i dare you not to giggle along with him.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Tunnel of Love

want to know what one of my favorite parts of boston is?  the crossover/tunnel that allows you  to get from copley place to the prudential shops.  not only are you going from one load of superb stores to another load of fantastic stores, but you don't have to walk outside, you're essentially walking diagonal over the mass pike thus saving so much time, plus you go from orange line land to green line land in one fell swoop.
*note: i tried to nonchalantly take these photos with my phone while walking over the crossover.  Hence why they're blurry and not straight.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Weekend Update

a few new things have made it into my closet this weekend besides shoes:
image from
image from
the bright pink ponte blazer from the gap was on my wish list last week.  clearly it didn't stay on my wish list very long.  it sold out online and then i freaked out and bought it full price in store.  i did use a mini gift card but it still was more than i was looking to spend.  on top of that i bought this polka dotted shirt from the gap as well.  it is fantabulous.  silky, but not made of silk (aka no dry cleaning required wahoo).  it also was not on sale, but i lost my mind and bought it full price as well.  sometimes i get really excited while shopping and go a little crazy.

imagine the cropped pants from banana republic in black, not gray.  they're no longer available online in black (hence the gray pant picture) but there were tons of sizes available in store.  the banana was having 25% off full price items when i went yesterday, so these i got on sale like a champ.  

putting these three pieces together into an outfit will be uber trendy.  AJD likes to call me fancy, not trendy.  trendy or fancy, can't stop won't stop.

and finally, today is superbowl sunday.  holy cannoli the patriots better win.  if they lose to the giants i'm going to be legit depressed.  i'm banking on aaron hernandez having a stellar game.  i want to see a recreation of this photo hopefully a couple times during the game:
image from
go patriots.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Get Excited

last august banana republic introduced their first mad men collection.  aka clothes that were inspired by the show mad men and were partially designed by the head costumer from the show.  all the pieces were amazing, and it was very successful for the banana.  this past week they announced their second mad men collection.
the new collection hits stores march 1st so get excited.

even better than that, the new season of mad men (which has been pushed back multiple times) premieres on amc march 25th with a special 2 hour episode so get more excited.

p.s. go patriots.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Oh Hey There New Shoes.

i had a dsw gift card that expires at the end of the month, so i decided today was the day to use it.

the black wedges are lifestride and uber comfy.  they're also made of cloth and really lightweight.  they'll be perfect for work during the warmer months.  for the nude pumps, they're nine west and spectacular.  i've been on the hunt for some nude pumps for awhile now, but i never thought i'd get so lucky.  these suckers were 70% off of the clearance price, hollerrrrrrr.   two pairs of shoes for $49, don't mind if i do.
i wasn't quite ready to go home, so i headed to my neighborhood old navy and scored these polka dotted beauties.  they are crazy comfortable and i highly recommend them.

p.s. go patriots.

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Lock it Up

it's almost the start of wedding season.  AJD and i received our first save the date for the (i think) four weddings we will be attending this summer/fall.  it got me thinking about what else: what i'm going to wear!  i really am going to try to only buy one new dress and rewear dresses i already own to the other three.  the problem is that i tend to take a lot of pictures at weddings and then i feel boring rewearing a dress and taking a boatload of pictures in it for round two.  anywho, i randomly perused the jcrew website and saw this dress which would be perfecto at a summer wedding:
image from
unfortunately it's $298 which is waaaaaaaaay out of my price range.  maybe it will go on insane sale and somehow still be available in my size.  a girl can dream right?