Monday, January 9, 2012

You Can Do It!

this weekend i headed up to ipswich to watch the stupid bruins lose to vancouver with miss andrea and sweet bobby mcgee.  we went to an awesome townie bar, the ipswich sports bar and grill.  the owner/bartender was super nice although he underestimated how much food we were planning on consuming.  we ordered a bunch of apps and his response was, "you know that's a lot of food."  um excuse me sir, we can eat a lot and i didn't have breakfast.  needless to say he was impressed 4 hours later.  also we started with some frosty 22 ounce beers.
speaking of beer, AJD and i moved the beer from the bucket to a big bottle (i have a super extensive beer brewing vocabulary).  it looks like delicious beer and smells like delicious beer. now we just need to find some bottles.
my outfit for work today was beyond boring.  gray shirt, black pants, black shoes, black coat.  i was in serious mourning that it was monday (and the fact that i was lazy and didn't do laundry this weekend).  but then, when i went grocery shopping after work i switched up the coat to my fav new wardrobe staple, the colorful wool coat.  i would have taken a picture but AJD hasn't come home from work yet and my outfit was seriously boring, so instead you get this:
a picture of me looking really tired with terrible looking eyebrows.  at least it reminded me to call and make a waxing appointment.

oh yeah i downloaded the two newest rihanna albums.  finally some new running music. speaking of running music, i name my running mixes with the ever popular name, running mix 1, mix 2, etc.  i read mindy kaling's (from the office) new book "is everyone hanging out without me? (and other concerns)" over the holidays and in it she talks about how she names her ipod gym mixes ridiculous titles like, you go girl and you can do it!  this made me laugh.  maybe i'll change my playlist names to be more like mindy cause she's awesome.

finally, since i'm waiting for AJD to come home to go to the gym with me, i decided to try on his watch and stacking my bracelets with it.  how good does this look?
menswear watch plus stacked bracelets?!  i'd be so trendy i wouldn't know what to do with myself.

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