Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stuffy Face

i stayed home from work today because i felt like poo.  having a stuffy nose/sinus/throat/fever type thing.  what's really annoying me on top of all that is that my left eye won't stop watering.  very aggravating.

so since i've been home all day let's talk celeb gossip since i've been watching some daytime talk.

demi moore was rushed to the hospital this week due to "exhaustion."  supposedly it was really substance abuse.  now it's being reported that she was doing whip-its and started have seizures.  whip-its?  really demi?  are you trying to recreate freshman year in college?  you're rich, you can afford serious drugs.  whip-its?  go eat something, your arms are scary.
next up is heidi klum and seal.  wow.  didn't see that break up coming at all.  they constantly renew their wedding vows.  i literally think they got married and immediately began planning their vow renewal.  rinse and repeat.  it's ok though, heidi is a babe and a half and she'll bounce back and find someone just as babeilicious as she is and pop out some more kids and then her body will bounce back from that.  rinse and repeat.
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and finally my homegirl ingrid michaelson announced her upcoming tour dates in support of her new album human again.  the presale password is humanagain and you can find the show nearest you at

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  1. omg i am dying with this post. The Demi thing is hilarious as is the Heidi comment about the vows...they seriously got married and started renewing..agree.. are you watching project runway all stars? I think my fav. part is the train wreck outfits of austin scarlet and the massive celeb gay breakdowns of michael...please tell me you watch this...