Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

so it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow, so what a perfect opportunity to talk about rain boots or what the fancy people call wellies.

i resisted wellies for years.  never were my thing.  but then i ruined two pairs of my favorite flats a while back in awesome boston puddles and my love for wellies began.  to make up for lost time, a couple years ago, i got two pairs.  one mid calf height and one knee height.  both tretorn brand and both superbly waterproof. 
i actually wear the knee high wellies more as snow boots or freezing rain boots.  usually when it rains in boston, it's humid and gross so the mid calf wellies work just fine.  the reason i went for tretorn over the more popular hunter wellie is due to my super athletic calves.  i've always had bigger calves and hunter boots are for people with more svelte calves than myself.  maybe one day i'll have slimmer calves but for now tretorns are my go to. 

since i bought my tretorns, hunter has now come out with fleece socks that fit in your wellies to make them warmer.

tretorn has also upped the ante by coming out with shearling lined boots.
even though i love my tretorns, i think hunter wins this battle.  the socks can be taken in and out of the boot and thus the same boot can be used for multiple temperatures.  i'm hoping tretorn follows hunter's lead and comes out with socks for next season.  the one downfall of the hunter socks is that they specifically fit hunter boots so you can't use them unless you have tiny calves.  damn you muscular calves!

i also know a lot of people who have wellies from target and other less expensive stores.  i would never call myself a label whore, but tretorns are from sweden and hunters are from england.  i feel like the english have rainy weather down to a science and well the swedes are tall, blonde, pretty and know a thing or two about the outdoors, so when it comes to wellies, i go for the fancy label.

motto for tomorrow: stay dry and play in puddles.

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