Thursday, January 19, 2012

Panties! Glorious Panties!

no, this entry is not about panties.  the title of the entry is a quote from one of my fave that 70's show episodes where the gang finds a pair of underwear in eric's car.  also my grandma calls shorts, shorties, so it all makes sense in my head.

so i still haven't gotten those new work pants hemmed that i bought over two months ago.  so what did i do?  i rationalized that i should buy more work pants so that i can bring more than one pair to the tailor at a time.  i also think that if i have multiple pairs of brand new pants hanging in my closet, i'll be more likely to actually have them hemmed.  i got these ones from ann taylor on sale plus additional % off sale items.  i also got an awesome stretchy belt from ann taylor loft for good measure.
the pants are brown with lighter beige pinstripes, so they also fulfill my goal of having brown pants after years of going without brown heels.  i also bought some navy pants from ann taylor loft but those are going back cause they legit weigh 17 pounds.  so unnecessarily heavy.

oh yeah, to say i'm pumped for the patriots game on sunday would be a grave understatement.
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