Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New New New

it's true.  i'm a creature of habit.  i shop at the same stores over and over, but i love them so it really doesn't bother me.  in the last couple of years since i started reading fashion blogs, i've definitely come across different stores/websites that i never knew existed.  recently i came across two new stores/websites that i've never purchased anything from, but i really want to get something from.  the first is an etsy store that i found out about on what would a nerd wear:
seams to be is the name of the shop and it has beautiful and affordable knit winter wear.  the hat above is my fave.

next up is a place in brooklyn, ny that i'm not sure is an actual store or just a website.  i found out about it on the blog veronika's blushing:
image from catbirdnyc.com
catbird has awesome jewelry, especially these letter rings.  everything also comes in gold and a few come in rose gold, which is different for me but i dig it.

check out these two new hotspots that i hope to buy from in the near future.

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