Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Just Call Me Hipster Central

one of my favorite purchases i made after christmas has been these rayban new wayfarers.  when AJD and i went to nantucket this year, on day one i opened up my glasses case and magically my beautiful sg's were in three separate pieces.  epic fail.  i bought other raybans that were more wrap around style but they pinched my ears, so i returned them, and after resisting for months, i bought wayfarers.  it's the wannabe hipster in me.  but i love them and they don't pinch my ears and to top it off they're polarized.

also i have a celebrity crush on elle fanning.  she's 13.  13!!!!  i was so ungodly awkward and ugly when i was 13.  how does she look like this:
also she's obsessed with reality shows, which i fully support.  oh yeah and this is just her latest magazine cover with her sister:
she's 13!!!

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  1. best.sunnies.ever. They go with everything!!