Friday, January 27, 2012

Hey Friday, How You Doin?

so i still feel like poo, but when i got home from work today and i opened my mailbox, i'm not going to lie, i got giddy.  i think i let out a high pitch squeal, no joke.  so i open a big envelope from my beloved jcrew and look what i got:
yes folks, what you're looking at is a sneak peek of jcrew's first ever presentation for new york fashion week.  the best part is that it includes a $25 rewards card for little old me.  above the rewards card is some gibberish that i will translate for you:

"since you have a jcrew card and you spend far too much money on it to aid your shopping problem, and since you recently paid it all off to start the new year fresh, we're sending you a $25 reward card because we know you will use it immediately and spend well over $25 on all our beautiful clothes.  we hope you enjoy this exclusive preview.  -Jenna Lyons (President and Creative Director)"

after i stopped squealing and thinking about all the fly new threads i'm going to buy, i picked out my fave womens and mens looks from the fashion week presentation.
happy weekend!

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