Monday, January 2, 2012

Do It. Doooooooo it.

okay new years resolutions.  i never make these because i don't have the confidence that i'll actually keep them.  so i'm hoping that i'll at least attempt to keep most of the following:

1. continue writing this blog and continue to improve it.  i finally made a facebook page and a twitter account.  i still need to figure out all things blog related and the best way to gain more followers.  oh yeah, if you read this and aren't a follower/member i'd highly appreciate it if you become one.  even if the follow/member option is blocked at work, send yourself an email reminder to do it at home.  i'll love you forever for it.

2. continue to learn more about my new camera and become a super awesome picture taker.

3. eat out less/stay home and cook more.  this is for multiple reasons.  first, it's healthier.  second, i need to save money.  third, i need to learn new recipes.

4. improve my work attire.  i love clothes, but i especially love clothes that i wear when i'm not at work (all my favorite outfits are not work appropriate, they involve jeans).  i spend most of the hours in the day at work, so i should really focus improving my work fashion sense.  i get really lazy in the morning, especially when it's cold out, and re-wear a lot of outfits.  i also wear black pants far too often.  i did a good job in the spring and summer months wearing cute skirts and dresses, but now that it's cold i've fallen back into my black pant hole.

5. run/work out more.  oh how cliche of me.  when AJD and i didn't live together, i belonged to a gym that i would go to almost everyday after work.  this was easy for me because i would carry my gym clothes to work and get off the t and walk right into the gym.  my main issue with getting to the gym now is that i go home first.  and then i sit down.  and then i turn on the tv.  and then i watch my dvr-ed shows.  and then it's time to cook dinner.  and then AJD comes home.  and then i'm all relaxed and not in gym mode.  i have a gym in my apartment complex, so not going is really lame.  in the past two months, i've only made it to the gym one to two times per week.  this is really crappy for me.  since i've been eating out way too much, going to the gym 1 or 2 times during the week does not off set the eating out.  i want to at minimum go to the gym 4 times per week.  5 or 6 times would be ideal but i'll strive for 4 to start out with.

what are your resolutions?

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