Saturday, January 14, 2012

Celebrity Saturday

the beach boys are about to embark on a big anniversary tour.  i've always loved the beach boys, but one thing i loved more than the beach boys was uncle jesse with the beach boys.  i'm talking about john stamos as uncle jesse drumming with the beach boys.  well word on the street is that john stamos is reuniting with the group on select dates of their upcoming tour.  seriously awesome.
and who could forget one of the greatest music videos ever created:
on top of that the main celebrity news story this week has been beyonce popping out blue ivy carter.  so supposedly the ivy name comes from beyonce and jay-z's obsession with the number four or in roman numerals IV.  both their birthdays are on the 4th day of their birthday months and they got married on a 4th.  odd.  let's get down to the real business.  their ridiculous birthing suite that they had built.  unreal.
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and finally my beloved jamie bell went and proposed to evan rachel wood.
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i am not a huge fan of evan rachel, but i love me some jamie bell.  his ears are big, but not too big and i love that.  i wish he would realize that he could come live with me, AJD, and ryan gosling and that he doesn't need to get married.

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