Tuesday, January 31, 2012

New New New

it's true.  i'm a creature of habit.  i shop at the same stores over and over, but i love them so it really doesn't bother me.  in the last couple of years since i started reading fashion blogs, i've definitely come across different stores/websites that i never knew existed.  recently i came across two new stores/websites that i've never purchased anything from, but i really want to get something from.  the first is an etsy store that i found out about on what would a nerd wear:
seams to be is the name of the shop and it has beautiful and affordable knit winter wear.  the hat above is my fave.

next up is a place in brooklyn, ny that i'm not sure is an actual store or just a website.  i found out about it on the blog veronika's blushing:
image from catbirdnyc.com
catbird has awesome jewelry, especially these letter rings.  everything also comes in gold and a few come in rose gold, which is different for me but i dig it.

check out these two new hotspots that i hope to buy from in the near future.

Monday, January 30, 2012

SAG Fashion

so last night at the sag awards i thought the dresses started out disappointing and overall the golden globes i think had better fashion, but of course there were some standouts.

best dress: emma stone (the help)
i thought my homegirl emma looked awesome.  the mid calf length on the dress set it over the top in my book.  her hair was great and her tiffany's earrings were superb.

best jewelry: jessica chastain (the help)
jess' sapphire and diamond earrings and ring (which you can't see) were big and super fabulous.

best hair: melissa mccarthy (bridesmaids)
image from dailyvenusdiva.com
melissa's hair wasn't any sort of over the top prom do, but she flashed on the screen and the first thing i said was "oh her hair looks so purdy."

best couple: john krasinski and emily blunt
emily looked STUNNING in green and skinny john in his skinny tie looked faboosh.  together they were the best in my opinion.

props for looking good: michelle williams (my week with marilyn), regina king (southland), viola davis (the help)
image from examiner.com
my favorite man of the night: coach eric taylor aka kyle chandler (friday night lights) aka the man that just never looks bad/never ages/looks better now than he did in early edition
image from sacbee.com
tie for worst dress: zoe saldana (looks like she's wearing a wife beater tank), shailene woodley (the descendents) (looks like a bad hawaiian shirt), kristin wiig (bridesmaids) (ew on the necklace, hair, and dress)
and here are just some random thoughts/first impressions of others:
sophia vergara (modern family) - still has a hot body.
angelina jolie - back in black!
brad pitt (moneyball) - get a hair cut, you are old.
jonah hill (moneyball) - now that you are a serious and thin actor you don't have a fro, you must be uber serious and slick your hair back at all times.
glenn close (damages) - weirdo sleeves
diane lane and josh brolin - can NEVER look bad
julie bowen (modern family) - go back to studio 54

oscars are up next!

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Fancy Kate

i love these colorful and patterned new kate spade bags.  can i just say that my super preppy heart is absolutely flipping over all the stripes and polka dots that are coming out this year.  from shirts to skirts to bags and beyond it's a prepsters dream come true.  check 'em out on this delightful saturday:
image from katespade.com
image from katespade.com
image from katespade.com

Friday, January 27, 2012

Hey Friday, How You Doin?

so i still feel like poo, but when i got home from work today and i opened my mailbox, i'm not going to lie, i got giddy.  i think i let out a high pitch squeal, no joke.  so i open a big envelope from my beloved jcrew and look what i got:
yes folks, what you're looking at is a sneak peek of jcrew's first ever presentation for new york fashion week.  the best part is that it includes a $25 rewards card for little old me.  above the rewards card is some gibberish that i will translate for you:

"since you have a jcrew card and you spend far too much money on it to aid your shopping problem, and since you recently paid it all off to start the new year fresh, we're sending you a $25 reward card because we know you will use it immediately and spend well over $25 on all our beautiful clothes.  we hope you enjoy this exclusive preview.  -Jenna Lyons (President and Creative Director)"

after i stopped squealing and thinking about all the fly new threads i'm going to buy, i picked out my fave womens and mens looks from the fashion week presentation.
happy weekend!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away

so it's supposed to rain all day tomorrow, so what a perfect opportunity to talk about rain boots or what the fancy people call wellies.

i resisted wellies for years.  never were my thing.  but then i ruined two pairs of my favorite flats a while back in awesome boston puddles and my love for wellies began.  to make up for lost time, a couple years ago, i got two pairs.  one mid calf height and one knee height.  both tretorn brand and both superbly waterproof. 
i actually wear the knee high wellies more as snow boots or freezing rain boots.  usually when it rains in boston, it's humid and gross so the mid calf wellies work just fine.  the reason i went for tretorn over the more popular hunter wellie is due to my super athletic calves.  i've always had bigger calves and hunter boots are for people with more svelte calves than myself.  maybe one day i'll have slimmer calves but for now tretorns are my go to. 

since i bought my tretorns, hunter has now come out with fleece socks that fit in your wellies to make them warmer.

tretorn has also upped the ante by coming out with shearling lined boots.
even though i love my tretorns, i think hunter wins this battle.  the socks can be taken in and out of the boot and thus the same boot can be used for multiple temperatures.  i'm hoping tretorn follows hunter's lead and comes out with socks for next season.  the one downfall of the hunter socks is that they specifically fit hunter boots so you can't use them unless you have tiny calves.  damn you muscular calves!

i also know a lot of people who have wellies from target and other less expensive stores.  i would never call myself a label whore, but tretorns are from sweden and hunters are from england.  i feel like the english have rainy weather down to a science and well the swedes are tall, blonde, pretty and know a thing or two about the outdoors, so when it comes to wellies, i go for the fancy label.

motto for tomorrow: stay dry and play in puddles.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Stuffy Face

i stayed home from work today because i felt like poo.  having a stuffy nose/sinus/throat/fever type thing.  what's really annoying me on top of all that is that my left eye won't stop watering.  very aggravating.

so since i've been home all day let's talk celeb gossip since i've been watching some daytime talk.

demi moore was rushed to the hospital this week due to "exhaustion."  supposedly it was really substance abuse.  now it's being reported that she was doing whip-its and started have seizures.  whip-its?  really demi?  are you trying to recreate freshman year in college?  you're rich, you can afford serious drugs.  whip-its?  go eat something, your arms are scary.
next up is heidi klum and seal.  wow.  didn't see that break up coming at all.  they constantly renew their wedding vows.  i literally think they got married and immediately began planning their vow renewal.  rinse and repeat.  it's ok though, heidi is a babe and a half and she'll bounce back and find someone just as babeilicious as she is and pop out some more kids and then her body will bounce back from that.  rinse and repeat.
image from glam.co.uk
and finally my homegirl ingrid michaelson announced her upcoming tour dates in support of her new album human again.  the presale password is humanagain and you can find the show nearest you at ingridmichaelson.com/shows

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Gimme Gimme Gimme

here's a quick wish list from early spring collections at gap and jcrew:
image from gap.com
image from gap.com
image from gap.com
image from jcrew.com
image from jcrew.com
image from jcrew.com
image from jcrew.com
also what is ponte fabric?  i don't know what it is, but it's the greatest thing ever created.  the above blazer from the gap is made of it and it's stretchy,soft, and wonderful.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

superbowl city.

i want to see a repeat of this picture at the superbowl.
go patriots.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Friday, January 20, 2012


happy friday!  i'm super excited because netflix just sent me crazy stupid love, which means it's a ryan gosling weekend.  ryan is my numero uno when it comes to celebrity crushes.  i mean look at him.  le sigh.
image from chidiwidi.com
so regardless of your political affiliation and thoughts, i wanted to share a recent video of president obama singing al green.  no matter what people think of obama, dude is straight up charming.  this video makes me smile.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Panties! Glorious Panties!

no, this entry is not about panties.  the title of the entry is a quote from one of my fave that 70's show episodes where the gang finds a pair of underwear in eric's car.  also my grandma calls shorts, shorties, so it all makes sense in my head.

so i still haven't gotten those new work pants hemmed that i bought over two months ago.  so what did i do?  i rationalized that i should buy more work pants so that i can bring more than one pair to the tailor at a time.  i also think that if i have multiple pairs of brand new pants hanging in my closet, i'll be more likely to actually have them hemmed.  i got these ones from ann taylor on sale plus additional % off sale items.  i also got an awesome stretchy belt from ann taylor loft for good measure.
the pants are brown with lighter beige pinstripes, so they also fulfill my goal of having brown pants after years of going without brown heels.  i also bought some navy pants from ann taylor loft but those are going back cause they legit weigh 17 pounds.  so unnecessarily heavy.

oh yeah, to say i'm pumped for the patriots game on sunday would be a grave understatement.
image from espn.go.com

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Summer's Coming..

summer's not coming at all, but dsw has some seriously great summer shoes that i want.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Pancakes and Fashion

i was visiting my parents and grandparents last night, so i dvred the red carpet shows and the golden globes and enjoyed them this morning along with my pancakes.

i took some serious notes but here are my opinion for overall winners:
best dress: claire danes (homeland)
image from perezhilton.com
her dress was simple in the front but the back was stunning.  overall best dress in my opinion. i'm glad she wore her hair up to show off the back of the dress.   her lip color was a little overwhelming but loved the dress.
best jewelry: freida pinto
image from perezhilton.com
her chopard necklace, which you can't really see in this picture, was stunning.  her dress and hair were simple and beautiful but the necklace really put her outfit over the top.
best hair and best makeup: charlize theron (young adult)
image from perezhilton.com
charlize theron might be the most beautiful woman on the planet in my opinion.  her sparkly head band and light makeup with her blush dress was simply divine.
honorable mention for looking pretty great: sofia vergara (modern family), paula patton, and berenice bejo (the artist)
image from perezhilton.com
image from millionlooks.com
image from weheartit.com
i can't really pick one for worst dress so we'll just say it's a tie between: piper perabo (covert affairs), amanda peet, zooey deschanel (new girl)
image from homorazzi.com
image from homorazzi.com
image from celebuzz.com
and here are just some of my own random thoughts (most of them first impressions) on other dresses:
ricky gervais: liked the red suit, but the tuxedo shirt underneath looked cheap.
stacy kiebler (being george clooney's gf): stunning in red, bad look with the bow from the back.
ariel winter (modern family): perfect in purple for her age.
kristin wiig (bridesmaids): hair = ick.
angelina jolie (in the land of blood and honey): good to see her in some color but her arms are scary skinny.
madonna (W.E.): ick on the dress, double ick on the arms.
jessica chastain (the help): just say no to turtlenecks.
shailene woodley (the descendants): different in silver but very pretty.
elle mcpherson: bottom too much, back too much, top too much.
viola davis (the help): hottie showing some leg but needs a little more sparkle from a brooch or belt.
gerard butler: stop dying your hair.
rooney mara (girl with the dragon tattoo): we get it, you're dark and mysterious.  wear something other than black.
josh brolin: babe.
rob lowe (parks and recreation): double babe.
sarah michelle gellar: you look like spin art.
debra messing (smash): you are so purdy but you always wear the same dress.
adam levine (the voice): your bow tie is too big.
lea michelle (glee): your dress looks like a copy of previous halle berry and sandra bullock dresses.
diana agron (glee): dress resembles chinese restaurant decorations.
nicole kidman: rhinestone cowboy.
salma hayek (puss in boots): too militant.
michelle williams (my week with marilyn): cute headband, cute dress.
george clooney (the descendants): perfection.

can't wait for the oscars!

p.s. ricky gervais as the host made me laugh out loud every time he spoke.