Thursday, December 15, 2011


so giuliana rancic had a successful double mastectomy surgery.  her hottie boom bottie husband bill tweeted that all went well.  i've always been a fan of giuliana and bill.  bill is a total babe and knows a thing or two about real estate (the houses/property they buy and sell on their reality show in chicago is insane).  hope giuliana recovers quickly and can get back to life as usual.  double mastectomy would be loads to handle, but i think she'll be able to come out even better on the other side.
see what i mean. bill is a total fox.

so i went to banana republic earlier in the week to get a gift card for the boss lady at work (she also has a shopping problem like myself and i like to aid her addiction).  when i was waiting in line, the store manager came up to me and asked if i was there for an interview.  when i said no she got very embarrassed and told me my outfit was great.  ok, so maybe she was just trying to be nice, but it made my day.  i think it had to do with my knee socks that i had over my tights and under my boots.  if you haven't tried this stye i highly recommend.  it adds warmth and it's super trendy.  see example below from one of my favorite blogs, what would a nerd wear:
she's not wearing tights under the socks, but you get the idea.  do it.

there was less than nothing on tv when i got home today so i perused hbo on demand and voila, season 1 of the wire.  welp, guess i'll have no life until i rewatch these four episodes.  the wire just sucks you in.

oh yeah i'm also attempting to make baked sweet potato fries as a side for dinner tonight.  we'll see how that goes...

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