Thursday, December 8, 2011

Say No To Jorts

so i just got back from wrapping up my christmas shopping.  i still need to buy some gift cards but i don't count that as shopping.  everything i bought except one thing was on sale.  this is very impressive for me.  i literally would prefer to pay full price than be in a crowded store that's having a massive sale.  black friday is my definition of a nightmare come true.  when i was younger, i was a big fan of express.  i rarely bought anything on sale there.  express would have these blowout sales but would just dump clothes in boxes separated by sizing (until people mixed the sizes and then it was extra aggravating).  dear all stores, never do this.  it's the biggest turn off ever.  i don't want to dig through clothes and then pay money for them.  i want them nicely hung or folded in size order.  maybe this is my ocd kicking in but it just always bothered me.

anywho, sad news.  i previously wrote about the crazy duggar family going for baby#20.  i read today that mama michelle found out she miscarried when her and papa jim bob went to the drs to find out the baby's sex.  regardless of my feelings on the number of children they have, this is the worst thing ever.  it's one thing to choose to terminate a pregnancy but miscarriages are unreal to me.  i don't know how people handle this.  it has to be one of the most crushing things to ever happen.  i'll be curious if she gets preggo again.

so the biebs and selenita are on vacation.  a lot of blogs are commenting on how happy they look, how great selena looks in a bathing suit, and how skinny the biebs is.  take a look at this picture and try to figure out what my first comment was:
ummmmm, why is he wearing jorts?  jean shorts.  hells no.  jorts at the beach.  double hells no.  come on biebs, lock it up.  also eat a cheeseburger or seven.

oh yeah, i bought this for myself while christmas shopping for others (its hard to tell but its a cardigan sweater with overlapping sides...also hard to explain):

its different for me (less prepster, more hipster) but i like it.

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