Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Muy Caliente

i totes forgot to write about this years hell night experience.  what's hell night you ask.  well it takes place at east coast grill in inman square in cambridge.  basically this awesome restaurant conjures up a special menu of delicious food with extremely crazy spices/peppers.  it's so hot that the waiters, bartenders, and cooks wear bandanas over their faces so they can stand the spicy steam.  this was mine and AJDs second year going and it was a delight per usual.  we sat right at the raw bar so we had a extra fun seat for the evening.  our table tried loads of things that were uber spicy.  we didn't finish it all but the spices were spectacular.  here's what our table had:
-4 Island Creek Oysters with Pequin - Napa Kimchee Puree (for free for sitting at the raw bar!)
-Phucket Style Wings of Ass Destruction with Bird Chiles, Nuoc Cham & Aromatic Herbs
-Crispy, Hell Hot Pork Spare Rib with Guava - Lava Glaze and Inner Beauty Hot Sauce
-Buffalo Style Smoked Beef Bone with Great Hill Blue Cheese & Smoked Cayenne Buffalo Sauce
-Low Country Crawfish Boil with Beer, Butter & Chipotle Chile 
-Azazel’s Fire Blackened Sirloin with Housemade Guajillo Chili Steak Sauce, Habanero Mashed P otatoes & Old School Broccoli Casserole
-Lamb 2 Way: Corainder - Trinidad Scorpion Rubbed Lamb Shoulder and Pequin Chile Merguez with Sweet n’ Hot Eggplant, Curried Chick Peas & Trinidad Scorpion Date Chutney

and here's a quick pic of AJD's and my main dishes:
next i wanted to give a quick review of the girl with the dragon tattoo.  first off it's a david fincher film so it had that david fincher like quality (if you've seen his other movies).  the locations where the movie was shot was perfect.  it was exactly as i pictured while reading the book.  i was much happier with the casting of blomvquist and erica in the u.s. version.  the swedish version (i assume had far less funding) had actors who weren't what i pictured while reading, save for one.  for me noomi rapace was lisbeth salander.  rooney mara in the u.s. version did a great job no doubt, but i loved noomi more in the swedish version.  it was definitely a good movie, but for me i don't think that it's worth all the hype.  although i think i liked the swedish version a lot more than most people.  definitely go see it if you've read the book.  if you haven't read the book, you should do that first.  i am excited to see the next two movies as i think the swedish versions for movies two and three weren't as good as the first.

finally, the pictures on this blog are about to get an upgrade...
santa AJD is making this blog supa fancy.

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