Sunday, December 4, 2011

Frozen Banana

sorry the blog has been lacking posts as of late.  i've been playing nurse/caretaker to AJD.  he got some shoulder surgery on wednesday and is basically without use of his left arm.  he's progressing back to normal quite nicely but has about a 6 inch incision so it will be a long recovery. 

i've been in charge of doing most things around the apt and let me tell you i miss AJD's left arm.  we had been bad and hadn't cleaned the apt in let's just say a while.  so i cleaned the whole apt myself yesterday.  it sucks cleaning by yourself.  AJD is da bomb and doesn't mind cleaning.  we normally split up the cleaning and frankly our apt would be a pig-sty if i didn't have his help because frankly i wouldn't want to clean as often if i had to do it all myself.

before his surgery i did get some christmas shopping done.  i headed to copley place in boston.  yes, it's one of the more expensive places to shop in boston (2nd to newbury st.) but the stores are all so nice and i swear they have sales.  i got a couple gifts at jcrew but what i was most excited about was the shopping bags.  yes, i know this is super lame, but i was looking forward to checking out the jcrew holiday bags because i read the jcrew blog ( they have one and yes i read it...i also read banana republic's blog (  i love blogs, what can i say) and they did a post on the upcoming shopping bag.
some people get excited about starbucks switching their seasonal coffees or getting the red cups for the holidays, i get excited about holiday shopping bags.

besides jcrew and a couple other stores, i did the bulk of my shopping at banana republic.  they were having awesome sales and i cleaned up on christmas gifts.  i also may have bought a few things for myself.  a bunch of the purchases that i made online from jcrew arrived and weren't up to snuff so those got returned so i felt it a-okay to buy a few items for good old me while christmas shopping.  i picked up this awesome navy blue/gray striped sweater dress that i'll most likely save and wear for the first time on christmas.  i had tried on a striped sweater dress at jcrew that was more than double the price of this dress so i was happy i held out for the banana.
unfortunately i am now in a fight with banana/gap/etc.  i ordered a bunch of christmas gifts online on 11/28 and they still haven't shipped.  what the hell.  i'm supposed to exchange gifts with my old roomies on sunday and their gifts are contingent on this package.  so, we are in a fight.

on a lighter note, i miss will and grace.  not random people, the t.v. show.  one of my fav episodes took place in what jack referred to as "the banana."  they bought turtlenecks and it was awesome.

also i watched the pilot episode of arrested development this weekend.  AJD is a fan and with the upcoming movie, he wants me to become a fan as well.  i did enjoy baby michael cera making out with his cousin and working at the family's frozen banana stand.  i heart will arnett and portia derossi so i'll be watching more episodes.

also i realized that the timestamp that happens when i add a new post was always hours off.  yeah so it was on pacific time and has now been updated to eastern time.  what an improvement.

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