Sunday, December 18, 2011


so on friday AJD and i planned to go out to dinner after returning something to banana republic so i wandered around some stores (lots of stores) until he was ready and then i met up with him at his office.  look at how festive the lobby of his office is:
we stopped by the banana in fanueil hall and got to see some lovely decorations:
i've lived in massachusetts all my life and in the boston area going on seven years and i don't think i've ever seen the fanueil hall christmas tree.  i must say it's pretty spectacular.

we had a super dinner at hillstone, which replaced houston's.  it's kind of pricey but we had the roasted artichokes for an app and then i had a salad and AJD had a french dip sandwich so we didn't get any of the fancy entrees.  delicious.

AJD and i are heading for an early morning showing of the new sherlock holmes.  i'm excited.  movies before 10 am are super cool.

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